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Sawyers Last Name History & Origin

Updated Apr 23, 2018


Played important roles during the midevil times. In 1604 a coat of Arms was granted to John Sawyers of Kettering it was a sign of pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Name Origin

Sawyers is a professional surname. It means: "one who cuts wood into timber." The origin is Anglo-Saxton tribe of Britain.

Spellings & Pronunciations

Sawyer, Saiwer, Sawer, Sauyers ect..

Nationality & Ethnicity

British Isles England

Famous People named Sawyers

Charles L. Sawyers born 1959 he was an American physician scientist.
Rodney Sawyers born 1976 he is a former Nascar driver.

Early Sawyerses

These are the earliest records we have of the Sawyers family.

1792 - 1870
1815 - 1892
1820 - 1897
1837 - 1925
1852 - 1928
1859 - 1918

Sawyers Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Sawyers Biographies

Feb 26, 1901 - Jan 4, 1994
Feb 26, 1900 - September 1975
Feb 14, 1898 - October 1974
Dec 29, 1918 - Jun 17, 1990
Jun 13, 1940 - November 1980
May 30, 1963 - Jan 15, 2011
Sep 7, 1925 - Nov 27, 1996
Sep 14, 1892 - January 1963
Oct 5, 1945 - Jan 17, 2009
Sep 9, 1931 - Jul 31, 2007
Mar 29, 1913 - Jun 15, 1993
Jun 30, 1932 - May 8, 2009
Nov 28, 1964 - Aug 30, 2000
Mar 24, 1921 - Feb 1, 2010
c. 1980 - Unknown
c. 1942 - Unknown
Jan 5, 1923 - Jan 8, 1974
c. 1917 - Unknown

Sawyers Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Sawyers family member is 69.2 years old according to our database of 1,732 people with the last name Sawyers that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.2 years

Oldest Sawyerses

These are the longest-lived members of the Sawyers family on AncientFaces.

Mar 26, 1898 - May 2, 2003
105 years
Jan 11, 1904 - Dec 3, 2006
102 years
Oct 1, 1910 - Jun 6, 2011
100 years
Jul 5, 1870 - June 1971
100 years
Feb 28, 1884 - September 1983
99 years
Apr 8, 1901 - Nov 2, 2000
99 years
Feb 5, 1906 - Feb 7, 2004
98 years
Sep 4, 1912 - Jan 28, 2011
98 years
Dec 11, 1909 - Jun 21, 2008
98 years
Apr 30, 1880 - February 1979
98 years

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Sherri Durmis
65 favorites
Dad tells the story of how one day Lewis Sawyers took one of his work horses to the blacksmith in around Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri. The name of the blacksmith dad could not recall. Lewis was having his horse shoed, when a man on a grey horse rode in and went to the back of the barn. He didnt come to the front where the blacksmith was and left his horse behind in the shadows. The blacksmith went to talk with the man and came back and said to Lewis "Mr. Sawyers would you mind waiting on your horse I have a gentleman back here thats in an aweful hurry?" To which Lewis said he wouldnt mind the wait. The blacksmith took care of the mans horse in the back of the barn, and when he was finished the man got on his horse and rode past Lewis. As he went by he tipped his hat and told Lewis "Thank you for waiting." After he was out of site the blacksmith told Lewis that he knew he was an honest man and that he knew that he would never let certain informations be known. And proceeded to tell Lewis that the man who had just left was Frank James.
Lewis studied this on his way back home, and believed it to be true as the way the man hid himself and his horse in the shadows behind the barn.
Jan 10, 2006 · Reply
Brittney Houston
23 favorites
He was the teacher and I was the student with a lot of questions...My Paw J.L Sawyers enjoyed working on cars, lawnmowers, air compressors and anything else that had a motor on it. He was always taking them apart and fixing them but the sad part was he had a way of making them run better than they did before. My favorite memory is the one were he had a riding mower tore apart on the porch and I was out there helping him work on it. I enjoyed it because of the stories he would tell me and the knowledge I gained from listening to him. But that day we got it all back together and it ran like new again but then I noticed we had parts left on the porch. I asked about the extra parts and he just simply replied with they put those on there for the just in case... that was the day I learned you ain't always gotta have all the parts to run right.
Jun 04, 2014 · Reply

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