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Photograph of Fairy Bernadine Doty (1926-1982). Marriage surnames included Stovall and Inman. Mother of 3 sons (Ernest/Michael/Mark), 2 daughters (Nancy/Jaqui). Fairy was the daughter of Edgar B. Doty and Florence Sutton, descendants of early settlers in White River Township, Johnson County, Indiana. Contact information has changed to: [contact link]
in Indiana


Sherry House Can you tell me how this lady is related to the Stovalls, names and dates maybe. She is a very beautiful woman and favors some of my family members. Where abouts did she live, and who were her children if any?
Thank You so much for sharing this photo. I have printed it and added it to my research materials.
Jun 02, 2004 · Reply
NancyLee Garrett The woman in the photo is my mother, and she is a Stovall by marriage. Her maiden name was Doty. There were five childrenborn to her. Three of the children (1 daughter, 2 sons)have the surname Inman, one son is a Stovall, and I am the oldest daughter who is neither a Stovall or Inman.

Fairy lived her entire life in the Indianapolis area. She died fairly young (in her late fifties)and is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetary in Greenwood, IN.

Thank you for writing that she was beautiful. I am said to resemble my mother. Some people have seen this photo in my home and have initially thought that it was a photo of me.
Comments by: Nancy Lee Garrett
Jun 20, 2004 · Reply
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