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Vintage Wedding and Anniversary Photos

Old photos from Weddings and Anniversaries through the centuries Read more >>

Did you know that the white wedding dress was popularized in the West by Queen Victoria in the 1800's? In the East, a red wedding dress is considered good luck. See how your wedding compares to past weddings.

Anniversaries of important events have been celebrated for centuries. Your family's old wedding and anniversary photos will live on forever in history on AncientFaces.

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A photo of the wedding of Lillian E Caselli and Fred J. Caselli.
People in this photo:
Lillian E Caselli
May 6, 1926 - Feb 27, 2006
Hudson, FL
A photo of Clem Rintrona and Aunt Doris Rintrona on their wedding day
People in this photo:
A photo of Elmer and Frances Audrey Kirkendall on her wedding day.
People in this photo:
A photo of Catherine Putz who was married to John Selinger on May 7, 1927
People in this photo:
War Bride, New York, Fass Brothers in photo: I know the groom Louis Fass and brother Frederick Fass to his right - not sure of identity of anyone else. The man on the right may be a HOFFER
People in this photo:
Les and Aurel Hays' wedding anniversary on November 23, 1966. Location not given by submitter.
People in this photo:
The 50th wedding anniversary of Perry & Rozell, a part of the Nagel family, date and location not given
A photo of George and Anna Mako on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Newark, New Jersey
This is a photo of Ernest Verbarg added by Karen McKee on February 23, 2020.
People in this photo:
Ernest Verbarg
Sep 23, 1929 - February 1972
Indianapolis, Indiana
This is a photo of Shirley added by Cathy Nana on February 19, 2020.
People in this photo:
Shirley (Mackey) Adams
Born: Oct 24, 1942
Warracknabeal, VIC, Australia
A photo of Kelcie C Strader
People in this photo:
Kelcie C Strader
Jan 9, 1921 - Aug 27, 2011
Crawley, WV, United States
25th Wedding Anniversary Party for Rosa and Dominick Rispoli, seated at the head of the table (center) near the back wall. Back wall (left to right); Anthony G. Rispoli, Mario and Amelia (Rispoli) Guardino, Josie Albano, Bettina and Michael Rosato, Rosemary Rispoli
People in this photo:
Dominick Rispoli
Feb 21, 1893 - Aug 19, 1969
Brooklyn, NY
A photo of Carl W. Tepe's wedding.
People in this photo:
Carl W Tepe
May 26, 1923 - Feb 20, 2008
Fort Worth, TX, United States
A photo of Joseph Mcalevy
People in this photo:
Joseph Mcalevy
Mar 11, 1895 - May 20, 1976
Englishtown, NJ
Wedding photo of John W. Dobson and Carol Kirby, 15 Oct 1932
People in this photo:
A photo of Phyllis Costanza
People in this photo:
Phyllis Costanza
Oct 24, 1949 - Feb 5, 2016
Hesperia, CA, United States
A photo of Michael G Smalley
People in this photo:
Michael George Smalley Sr.
Oct 14, 1916 - 2003
Bridgewater, NJ
Dorothy Prefontaine and first husband Herbert Bachman
People in this photo:
Dorothy Jayne (Prefontaine) Cowan
Jan 24, 1917 - Dec 17, 2009
A photo of Aime Prefontaine and wife Gertrude at 50th wedding anniversary.
People in this photo:
Aime Prefontaine
Dec 8, 1884 - Sep 19, 1979
Phoenix, Arizona
Photo of Lottie Leveson attending a wedding. Photography by Duncan of 102 Hessle Road, Hull.
People in this photo:
Photo of Lottie Leveson attending a wedding. Photography by Duncan of 102 Hessle Road, Hull.
People in this photo:
A photo of John William Ernste and wife Marie Ernste posing for a picture of their new daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Ernste, wife of Alex Ernste 1952
People in this photo:
John William Ernste
Aug 30, 1893 - 1955
Wedding picture of Albert and Helen Pagesh
People in this photo:
Albert J Pagesh
Feb 23, 1909 - Dec 20, 1995
Belle Vernon, PA
The original photo has gone missing. This was found in an antique store. Written on the back was "Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Hanson Peterson".
A wedding photo of Sherry Piotter, Detroit October 31st
People in this photo:
A photo of Robert Piscura
People in this photo:
Robert Piscura
Apr 18, 1927 - Oct 31, 1961
A photo of Otto August Wolner as best man at brother Oliver Alexander's wedding
People in this photo:
Otto August Wolner
Nov 17, 1896 - May 22, 1981
A photo of Jule De Garay
People in this photo:
Jule De Garay
Died: 1927
A wedding of the Burbank Family in Sandwich, Massachusetts.
A wedding photo of Vincent Michniewicz and Joan Wittman
People in this photo:
Vincent F Michniewicz
Jan 23, 1920 - Nov 9, 1994
Philadelphia, PA
A photo of Charles G Rivellini
People in this photo:
Charles G Rivellini
Born: around 1918
Connecticut, United States
A photo of Thomas Clarence Duke and Sara Mima Evans . It was their wedding picture. Married March 3,1905 at Ben Arnold, Milam,Texas
People in this photo:
Thomas Clarence Duke
Jul 7, 1887 - Nov 8, 1932
A photo of Veronica A Labarinto
People in this photo:
Veronica (Azores) Labarinto
Jan 21, 1922 - Dec 8, 1999
San Diego, CA
I believe it’s of the Paris/Maxwell side - If any one could identify any of these pics, I’d greatly be appreciated
A photo of Mrs. Louise Jacob, Fern, John, Vera Sharkey I bought this photo at an antique shop in Lincoln Park, Michigan.
People in this photo:
Fern N Sharkey
Jul 23, 1921 - Oct 20, 2003
Chicago, IL
A photo of Eleanor J Riese
People in this photo:
Eleanor J Riese
Sep 4, 1943 - Apr 6, 1991
San Francisco, CA
Heres a wedding photo of my grandmother Ingebjørg (1934-2012) at her wedding day with her husband jon Sundvor (1930-2015). They married in Nidarosdomen in Trondheim in i believe the 60s. Her dress and smile is beautiful.
People in this photo:
Ingebjørg Sundvor
1934 - 2012
A photo of Richard R Scherb
People in this photo:
Richard R Scherb
Born: around 1921
Us At Large, United States
A photo of Leda Jaerger and husband
People in this photo:
Leda Jaerger
Sep 15, 1907 - June 1974
Larned, Kansas
Damaged photo found in an antique shop in Burnet, Texas. Handwritten on the back "wedding picture of Fred + Martha Nelson"
People in this photo:
Fred Nelson
Apr 9, 1875 - Jun 3, 1933
A photo of Sandor Greenwald
People in this photo:
Sandor Greenwald
Feb 16, 1910 - Aug 28, 2000
Brooklyn, NY
Found in a Texas antique store. "Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Friedrich" written on the back. Stamped "Lackey's Studio, Temple, Tex." Paper with a "beaded" texture seems to have been popular in the late 1920s - makes it difficult to get a good scan. I love her fancy head-dress.
People in this photo:
Anna Emma (Muehlhause) Friedrich
Mar 12, 1908 - Oct 26, 2005
A photo of the Slipka family Ann & Frank Wedding Photo 1950
People in this photo:
Ann Rose (LaManna) Slipka
Jun 14, 1929 - Dec 14, 2018
River Falls, WI, United States
Married to Shelbia Jean Dixon
People in this photo:
Forrest Eugene Rideout
Nov 20, 1936 - Nov 2, 2010
Steinhatchee, FL
A photo of Harold Bissember
People in this photo:
Harold Bissember
Apr 26, 1926 - May 1992
San Francisco, CA
Now Mrs. Dorothy Izatt taken on her wedding day with husband in 1950.
People in this photo:
Dorothy Wilkinson Izatt
Born: 1922
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