June Brides - What Brides Looked Like in the Past

Updated on Jun 21, 2019. Originally added on Jun 09, 2016 by Kathy Pinna

June is wedding season thanks to the Roman goddess of marriage - Juno. Families believed when a couple married in June they would be blessed with happiness forever.

Marrying in June is a tradition that's lasted for centuries, and it seems, so has the wedding dress. Today, some variation of white - or ivory, ecru, or eggshell - is the most common color for a bride's dress in the West. In the East, red is considered a color of good luck and the bride's dress is most often a variation of the color.

Checkout these wedding photos of brides all taken before 1960, and see how wedding fashion has changed over the past 100+ years. When done, there are tens of thousands more wedding photos to discover.

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Helen Evans
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shared on 06/06/2016

1899 Australia

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Macbeth Stevens
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shared on 08/29/2012

Late 1800s?


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Photo of Margie Hill Margie Hill
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shared on 06/10/2016


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Photo of Jeff Rau Jeff Rau
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shared on 04/21/2016


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Brendie Brew
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shared on 02/18/2016

circa 1920

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P Meyer
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shared on 02/11/2013



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shared on 03/19/2016

circa 1950?

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