How Would Your Wedding Have Looked 100 years Ago?

Created on Feb 14, 2018 by Kathy Pinna
Valentine’s Day is here - can you feel the love in the air? Our grandparents and great great grandparents certainly could. Check out these photos of lovers getting married and - at the end - celebrating 50 years of loving in the following pages.

Did you know?
Anthropologists believe that the first family groupings consisted of several men and women forming loose alliances, creating tribes where sexual unions were shared. The first known recorded marriage was around 2350 B.C. in Mesopotamia, although for thousands of years the definition of marriage varied. In Europe and Asia, especially, the idea of one man and multiple wives was popular for centuries.

In the modern era, romantic love has usually been the basis for marriage. These are some lovely examples of the beginning of, and everlasting effects of, marriage based on love.

How Would Your Wedding Have Looked 100 years Ago?

For once, the bride is sitting!

Theodore & Fanny Meta (Janssen) Roos Wedding

All of those photos of a sitting groom with the bride standing - it's nice to see the bride sitting for once!

Love in the 1930’s?

Clement & Doris Rintrona Wedding

Not all weddings involve formal dress

Frances Audrey Kirkendall wedding

Especially during the war years.


But some involve fancy headgear

Anderson-Gustafson Wedding

Love this 1930 headdress!

1900 wedding in white dress and high collar

Russell and Rose (Gifford) Grinnell Sr.

. . . for both the bride and the groom.

1920 - simple but elegant

McCord wedding

Holding the groom in 1922 France

Marriage of Marie-Antoinette et Camille Brice

Happy to be wed in 1924

Adolph J and Mary J (Thompson) Kalena

Showing their love in 1946

Sol and Helen (Finkel) Baum

Wedding day jitters?1931

Maria (Poirson) and Dalmacio Ramon

They’re beaming love in 1954

Dorothy (Sztuka) and Bennie Anteski

The uniform wedding - wartime?

Russell and Gwendoline (Simms) Moore
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