Garret W. Peck & Clifford C. Jones - UFO in Washington DC

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UFO in Washington DC - okay, it's a little small and it's really a model for a dirigible, but it looks like Garret W. Peck, designer and vice pres. in charge of construction, (l) and Clifford C. Jones, specialist with the Inter-Ocean Dirigible Corp., (r), are holding a teeny tiny UFO.

This is what the caption says: Immediate commercial development of a new lighter-than-air airship of novel design, which its engineering sponsors believe will revolutionize air transportation, bringing safety, speed, load capacity, and easy maneuverability to airship performance, was announced today. Air sucked through the tube will create a vacuum in front and give a propulsive kick at the outlet. Universal joints will be located at the entrance and exit of the tube, moving in any direction of the air intake and outlet, thus steering the flying tube. The ship will be entirely metal clad and the lifting power will be helium gas in aluminum partitions.

Guess it never took off! ;)

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Harris & Ewing
in Washington DC, District of Columbia USA


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