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Ocean liners, submarines, destroyers, aircraft carriers, battle ships - and yachts. Photos of all kinds of ships used in war, commerce, and pleasure and the men and women who sail on them. Read more >>

The ocean - and even large bodies of water - conjures images of mystery, romance, and sometimes danger in the human imagination. Soothing to some and scary to others, sailing the seas has always been an act of adventure. Whether during wartime or peacetime, escapades on ships have been amazing.

For instance:
  • After Jeanne de Clisson's husband was beheaded as a traitor in 1343, she sold her property, bought 3 ships, and became a pirate as a way to seek retribution. Her flagship was named My Revenge. For 13 years, she sought out French ships (the French government had killed her husband) and killed the crews.

  • During the War of 1812 between the newly formed United States and the British, a shipwrecked British crew was rescued by a US sealer ship near the Falkland Islands. The captain of the American ship told the Brits that their two countries were at war but rescued them on humanitarian grounds. While the American crew was on a nearby island seeking more provisions, the British crew absconded with their ship, stranding the Americans on the island. They were rescued in 1814 by another British crew.

  • In 1784, a Japanese treasure hunter, along with 43 others, was shipwrecked on an island in the Pacific. With no fresh water and only crab and coconuts to eat, the sailors began to die. Before his own death the treasure hunter wrote about their plight on pieces of coconut bark, put the letter in a bottle, and threw it into the sea. In 1935, about 151 years later, the bottle washed ashore at the village in Japan where the treasure hunter was born.

  • During World War II, a minesweeper from the Netherlands didn't have the weapons to adequately defend itself so the crew gathered jungle vegetation and disguised the ship as a small island, painting the hull to resemble rocks. She was the only ship of her class in the region that survived.

These vintage photos of ships of all kinds, and the people who lived on and worked with them, show some of the challenges and thrills of this type of transportation. << Read less
A photo taken by the Nagel or Ekleberry of a boat dock, probably while they were on vacation. Date and place unknown although it could be New York or New Jersey. The boat at the front says "W.F. Dalzell"
Shared on Apr 21, 2012 by:
A photo of the RMS Titanic's Maiden Voyage taken shortly after the Titanic's departure from Southampton Harbor in England. This memorable event took place on April 10th, 1912. It was the maiden voyage of the Titanic - and the last voyage of the Titanic. The Titanic had 3 engines (2 reciprocating and one turbine) which gave it both speed and a smooth ride. The ship, prior to its departure, was described as "designed to be unsinkable."
A postcard of the Claymore French Destroyer taken by professional photographer Marius Bar. At the bottom of the postcard it reads Claymore Toppilleur 906-26
Photograph from the main eastern theater of war, the Peninsular Campaign, May-August 1862. White House Landing, Va. View down river, with supply vessels
Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, winter quarters at Brandy Station, December 1863-April 1864. Rappahannock Station, Va. Canvas pontoon boat, 50th New York Engineers
Photograph from the main eastern theater of war, the siege of Petersburg, June 1̀864-April 1865. City Point, Va. Wharf, Federal artillery, and anchored schooners
Photographs of the Federal Navy, and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy -- the Federal Navy, 1861-1865. James River, Va. Deck and turret of U.S.S. Monitor seen from the bow (i.e. stern)]
A photo of the General Rucker - a concrete boat.
My Great Grandmother Jessie’s Father was Frank Davis. He worked in Connecticut and Nantucket Massachusetts. His twin brother was Captain Henry Davis.
A photo of the M/S Venezia owned by Svenska Lloyd AB ( Swedish Lloyd) in Gothenburg A photo of Helge O (Olgard Emanuel) Persson's last Swedish Merchant Marine Ship. M/S Venezia brought him to New York during WW2 after 18 month at sea in position as Petty Officer . [external link]
People in this photo:
Helge Olgard Emanuel Persson
May 13, 1910 - Dec 19, 1994
Trenton, NJ
A photo of Rudolph Warren Noeldechen
People in this photo:
Rudolph Warren Noeldechen
Jun 7, 1923 - Jun 10, 2015
A photo of the LST 1152. My father served on this ship in WWII
A photo of Fennit Kruschke
People in this photo:
Fennit Kruschke
1844 - 1867
Found in SUITCASE IN THE ATTIC, do not know who was taking the photo's
This is the last photo of the RMS Titanic afloat, taken in April 1912. Three days after the photo, the Titanic sank in the northern Atlantic after hitting an iceberg.
A photo of the ship that Heinrich "Henry" Brüno Wittig travelled to Canada on; file image, exact date unknown, but must have been during the time this ship was sailing under that name (from circa 1948 until 1955?)
People in this photo:
Heinrich "Henry" Brüno Wittig
Jun 6, 1929 - Jun 26, 1980
Fergus, ON, Canada
An Aussie Transport Boat Taking Us Out To Meet Our Liberty Boat ,Jan 1943 ....A James A Fazzi Sr Picture
This is a postcard celebrating the Monitor's great victory. The postmark looks like May 28, 1905. No message on it.
A photo of the ship that Carroll Ellis wrote on in WWII: USS #167 FREESTONE SHIP Carroll H Ellis
People in this photo:
Carroll H Ellis
Born: Nov 13, 1926
Newberry, SC, United States
A photo of Aubrey and Edna (Parsley) Langley in the early 1940's (during WWII). Edna was the daughter of Charles "Charlie" Parsley and Ruth (Bowling) Parsley in Laurel County, Kentucky. She was born in 1923 and died in 2009.
People in this photo:
A photo of Jewel Pollick's ship, World War 2
People in this photo:
Jewel Pollick
Mar 3, 1927 - Feb 25, 1993
Springdale, PA
A photo of Jewel Pollick's ship, USS O'Bannon, in World War 2
People in this photo:
Jewel Pollick
Mar 3, 1927 - Feb 25, 1993
Springdale, PA
A photo of John Orr Boag's ship
People in this photo:
John Orr Boag
1842 - 1910
Echuca, Australia
A photo of a drawing of a ship, John Orr Boag
People in this photo:
John Orr Boag
1842 - 1910
Echuca, Australia
A photo of the ship of Kenneth Harold John Overton
People in this photo:
Kenneth Harold John Overton
around 1923 - Nov 10, 1944
The first viking ship replica; Viking. From what I found on the internet, this is a copy of the original Gokstad ship (from apx 850). It left the harbour of Oslo in April 1893, and arrived in Chicago on the 12th of June, and was an attraction at the Chicago Columbian Exposition. It can now be found in Geneva, Illinois, USA. From the harbour of Christiania, today: Oslo, Norway. On the back it is dated 14th feb 1893, Xania (Christiania), but the photo is taken in Sandefjord, Norway on the 4th of February 1893.
A photo of David Andrew Muir's ship
People in this photo:
David Andrew Muir
1892 - Apr 15, 1918
This is a photo of some of the passengers who arrived in Wellington New Zealand 1910 on the ship Tainui. The Captain was Capt MOFFATT. The lady in the boater behind the reel on the left is Jessie GORDON. She traveled with her sister, Isabella GORDON- she is near the middle of the pic in the back second row, with the V shaped front and a braid around her neck, next to a man with a moustache
People in this photo:
A photo of Wilkin Nuttall on his submarine
People in this photo:
Wilkin Nuttall
1920 - Aug 11, 1942
A photo of the ship of Algernon Henry Porteous Easlea
People in this photo:
Algernon Henry Porteous Easlea
1886 - Jan 19, 1918
A photo of Marjorie Ruth (Elkins) Kruszewski
People in this photo:
Marjorie Ruth (Elkins) Kruszewski
Mar 25, 1928 - Dec 7, 2009
Palm Desert, CA
Target Ship USS Longstreet off Wellfleet Cape Cod
A photo of ships connected withJohn Mills Beasley
People in this photo:
John Mills Beasley
around 1818 - around Jul 9, 1904
Kirkstall, VIC, Australia
A photo of Percy Beasley - hospital ship (Karoola) from which he disembarked, 1/29/1919
People in this photo:
Percy Beasley
Dec 23, 1896 - Aug 14, 1968
Sailor Sneaking a Smoke.US Navy, USS Ellison? Mid-Late 1940s
From Albert Diersch's Navy photos. USS Ellison or USS Janssen. Navy Buddies, late 1940s?
A photo of Percival Richard Llewellyn Davies' ship
People in this photo:
Percival Richard Llewellyn Davies
around 1919 - Dec 28, 1942
built by Grandpa Blaine
People in this photo:
Blaine Wishart
Jan 24, 1919 - Jan 13, 2011
Kelseyville, California
Harri love fix his boat and then travel to the islands in the lake.
People in this photo:
Harri Jorma Peltoniemi
Jun 1, 1960 - Oct 8, 2011
A photo of a ship that Wilburn Cleo Hobbs served on - the USS Baham..
People in this photo:
Wilburn Cleo Hobbs
Jun 2, 1925 - Mar 5, 2007
Henderson, Nevada
A photo of Wilburn Cleo Hobbs' ship, the USS Platte.
People in this photo:
Wilburn Cleo Hobbs
Jun 2, 1925 - Mar 5, 2007
Henderson, Nevada
A photo of Prisicilla Klopotov
People in this photo:
Prisicilla Klopotov
May 23, 1912 - March 1981
Center Moriches, NY
senelis czapkauskas juo atplaukė į newyork /JAV/ 1912 pirmas laivo reisas
A photo of the S.S. Czar. juo atplaukė į new york senelis Czapkovski
Shared on Apr 28, 2013 by:
George Gendron in the navy on the East Coast.
People in this photo:
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