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Studio photo of the George Philip Huck family, Larned, Kansas. Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck b. 1882, is sister to Anna Margaret Schuldeis (1881-1951)who married Jacob Bohl (1879-1944). Jacob & Anna Margaret Bohl raised their family in Nebraska; Elizabeth & George Philip Huck raised their family in Kansas. On the 1930 census George Philip and Elizabeth lived in Pleasant Grove (Pawnee County) Kansas with sons Harry, Elmer & Leo. Elizabeth Schuldeis Huck and Anna Margaret Schuldeis Bohl also had another sister, Katherine Schuldeis Spreier and two brothers Philipp (Felipe) and John. In 1906, Felipe and John immigrated from Huck, Saratov Russia to San Antonio, Argentina with their parents, Georg Michael & Elisabeth Schultheis.
in Kansas


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