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He was the son of Thomas and Ellen Main (both born in NY). He was born 19 October 1872 in Linn County, IA. He spent most of his life in Coggon, IA. He was a farmer and breeder of cattle. His siblings were: Maggie M., Thomas L., Clifford B. and William M. I think his wife may have been Sarah Esther Main. If you are related to him and want the photo, let me know. E-mail me at [contact link]. The photo album belonged to a Mrs. G.W. Thompson.
in Goggon, IA USA


Janet Jamieson Hello Patricia, My own maternal grandfather's name was George Thomas Main. He was born in 1892. I'm writing to you as I find it interesting that the names George and Thomas seem to have been common to the Mains. Grandpa's father was from Scotland and migrated to Canada before migrating on down to Colorado and then on into Southern California. It would be nice if he and the George Main in your picture were somehow related.
Jul 26, 2009 · Reply
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