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Believed to be unknown girl with Maggie Glover Thomas, Wesley Thomas, unknown boy, Junior Thomas (baby) Girl bears resemblance to Alma Glover Sloan.

Mystery: Who is the first girl on left in this photo? Are the others identified correctly?
in Booneville, Mississippi USA


Karla Calhoun At one point we believed she was Alma Glover Sloan. She could also be Lois Ann Glover or Hallie Thomas.
Jan 26, 2009 · Reply
Karla Calhoun She is too old to be Lois Ann Glover, who would have been either an infant or not born if the others are correctly identified
Feb 01, 2009 · Reply
Karla Calhoun Alma Glover was actually a Springer. Her Aunt Lula Vaughn married Joseph D. Glover, whose mother was also a Springer. She lived with them after the death of her mother and went by the name Glover.
Feb 01, 2009 · Reply
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