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Handwritten on back of photo: "Grace Hill Wade, Troy Ernest Wade II (Timmy) and Norma Felicia Wade (Sissy). Roslyn Ranch, Colorado, September 6, 1937."

Grace Patricia Hill was born in Texas and graduated from both the University of Texas and Julliard School of Music (in piano). Her father, Ben Hill, was a mining engineer. Grace Hill Wade died in 1993. Son Troy "Timmy" Wade was born July 18, 1934 in Cripple Creek, Colorado, where his father was a uranium miner. Young Timmy grew up in Cripple Creek, where he was childhood sweethearts with his future wife, Mary Beltz. Timmy went on to become Deputy Manager for the Department of Energy, NVOO, and a nuclear test controller, and also the Assistant Secretary of Energy for the US Defense Programs.

Photo found in an antique shop in Everett, Washington.
at Roslyn Ranch, Colorado USA


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