Grandparents Ira and Anna (Pelzer) Eppinger Wedding day.

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These are my grandparents, Ira George Eppinger, Sr.( April 12, 1901 to March 27, 1929) and Anna nee Pelzer Eppinger (March 4, 1902 to March 24, 1971) on their wedding day, October 19, 1921. Their first born was Ira George Eppinger,Jr., my father, born on April 25, 1922. Ira Sr. and Anna also had a second son, Raymond Fred Eppinger, born Aug. 31, 1923, and sadly passed away at the innocent age of 4 1/2months old on Jan. 13, 1924. When my grandfather Ira Sr. passed away in 1929, Anna remarried Richard "Doc" Arzt, and had 3 more children, Lorraine Dowiartz, MaryAnn Walls (deceased), and Jack(deceased). My father, Ira Jr. turned 83 this year (2005), and sadly misses my mother, Kazimiera "Kay" nee Gasinski Eppinger, who left this world to join our Heavenly Father on July 26, 2002.
Ira George Eppinger, Sr. is the son of Frederick Charles Eppinger and Grace nee Quinn Eppinger of Chicago, and he had one sister, Grace nee Eppinger O'Neil, married to Jerry O'Neil.
in Chicago, Illinois USA


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