Grover, Howard, Mary & Ruth Kimmerle, Michigan c1893 Dunning family photo
Chris Hain

Grover, Howard, Mary & Ruth Kimmerle, Michigan c1893

Grover, Howard, Mary & Ruth Kimmerle, the children of Charles and Ella (Dunning) Kimmerle of Michigan: This photo from my family's collection is already "tagged" with names. The boys in the top row are Grover (b.1884) and Howard (b.1885) Kimmerle. Their sisters in the front are Mary (b.1887) and Ruth (b. 1890) Kimmerle.
It was taken sometime between 1892 and 1895 I'm guessing.
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Lisa Johnson I remember meeting great Aunt Ruth on more than one occasion. She resided in FL during the winter, and I went to visit her as a child with Katherine Ruth (Kimmerle) Follett. She served us fresh grapefruit from her tree, and honey from a honey-comb. It was the first time I ever ate part of a honey-comb. I remember her hands looked very old, and she had slight tremors.
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Photo taken at Charles Olin Photography, Cassopolis, Michigan USA
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