Hamilton and McCutcheon Family Hamilton family photo
Trisha Fitz Randolph

Hamilton and McCutcheon Family

Description: Hamilton family, back row l-r
James Dean 1905-1978
Thelma Pauline 1900
Etheln Laura 1898-1945
Elam Thomas1896-1960
John Courtney 1887-1960
Mary Viola 1889-1955
Rayburn Alexander 1891-1956
Samuel Augustine 1894-1974
Front row l-r Thomas Rayburn (father) 1858-1941
Wade McCutcheon 1911-1977
Marjorie Isabella (mother) 1863-1942
Dale Homer 1909-1962
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In viewing this photo looking for my mother's family,I seem to see lots of resemblence to my Grandfather,Hanson Hamilton.The gentleman in the second row,second from the right...any slim chance?
Jul 22, 2003 3:19 pm reply
Photo taken at Westmoreland, Penn