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Hamilton Last Name History & Origin

Updated Apr 06, 2020


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Name Origin

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Early Hamiltons

These are the earliest records we have of the Hamilton family.

1186 - Unknown
1188 - Unknown
1380 - 1434
1491 - 1528
1521 - Unknown
1534 - June 1611
1534 - 1606

Hamilton Family Photos

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Hamilton Family Tree

Discover the most common names, oldest records and life expectancy of people with the last name Kroetch.

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Hamilton Biographies

Jun 6, 1891 - Unknown
Jan 5, 1912 - Mar 23, 2009
Feb 24, 1930 - Feb 17, 2005
Sep 16, 1913 - January 1974
Dec 25, 1913 - Dec 14, 2000
Apr 18, 1902 - July 1971
Jan 12, 1939 - Feb 21, 1994
Jun 14, 1925 - Feb 4, 2009
Apr 13, 1925 - February 1993
Mar 16, 1917 - Mar 1, 2007
Nov 23, 1909 - December 1971
Nov 12, 1920 - Feb 19, 1983
Jun 19, 1922 - Dec 27, 2001
Jun 26, 1925 - May 1973
around 1931 - Unknown
around 1962 - Unknown
around 1870 - Feb 8, 1942
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
around 1910 - Unknown

Hamilton Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Hamilton family member is 69.7 years old according to our database of 80,006 people with the last name Hamilton that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.7 years

Oldest Hamiltons

These are the longest-lived members of the Hamilton family on AncientFaces.

1540 - Mar 12, 1658
118 years
Jan 7, 1866 - October 1978
112 years
Sep 9, 1888 - Nov 12, 1998
110 years
Apr 12, 1898 - Jan 18, 2008
109 years
May 23, 1890 - Apr 5, 1999
108 years
Mar 24, 1895 - Dec 24, 2003
108 years
Jun 3, 1886 - Jun 28, 1994
108 years
Apr 19, 1894 - May 2, 2001
107 years
Apr 1, 1897 - Feb 2, 2004
106 years
Mar 13, 1896 - Jan 19, 2003
106 years

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Katherine Russell
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My story is on behalf of my husband, who is searching for his half sister and half brothers, we only found out that they existed just before christmas 2009, so we dont know if these three people know they have three half brothers. My Husband is called David and the brothers are called Ian and Duncan, they were born between 1969 and 1973.
We are looking for the children of George Hamilton and Margaret Palmer who married in Edinburgh in 1962, these children are adults now and maybe have children of their own, the children are called George Hamilton, Catherine Hamilton and Richard Hamilton and were born between 1963 and 1966 all in Edinburgh. Would dearly love to hear from anybody who knows them or knows how we can find them. I look forward to hearing from you. Kathy
Feb 16, 2010 · Reply
Michael Atkins
199 favorites
William Hamilton was born in County Armagh, N. Ireland on April 10, 1863. He had one brother and one sister. William’s father was named John. The Hamilton’s were Presbyterian. Family records and word of mouth legend show that William decided to immigrate to America as a bachelor in his early twenties about mid 1880’s. Once in America, he worked his way across the country with a mail wagon. It is said he was stuck in deep snow in the mountains for three days while making his way west to California.

William eventually made his way from California to the Pacific Northwest around the time of the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska. He settled in the Bell-town area of Seattle in 1905 and operated an express business there for several years. He purchased property at the corner of Denny Way and Westlake Ave. N. and erected a two-story frame building. He opened his grocery store in this building and rented out rooms in the upper quarters.

The Hamilton family stories say that William’s family back in Ireland had purchased farmland for him near Armagh. William at 53 was still a bachelor. Apparently his intentions were to move back to Ireland even though he had gained his U.S. Citizenship final papers on April 29, 1914. Unfortunately, William never made it back to Ireland. On the night of March 10, 1917, two men entered William’s store after it was closed, bound, gagged and beat him while ransacking his back quarters of the store. Police believe they must have known about his cache of money that he may have been saving for his trip back home. Bound and gagged, William suffocated in the early morning hours of March 11, 1917. Police found him later that day when tenants upstairs noticed the store didn’t open as usual. The Seattle Times ran a front-page story about the incident on March 12, 1917 in the evening newspaper.

William’s brother back home was so distraught over his brother’s death that he burned all correspondence between them. The plight of William Hamilton and his American travels was lost to the Hamilton family history. All that remained was word-of-mouth recounts by family members, a few noted dates in the family Bibles and three very old photos. Contemporary Hamilton’s did not know for sure where he lived and died in America, where he was buried, etc. To learn of how his great-niece discovered what actually happened to him, visit: [external link] and do a search on William Hamilton. The story is there under “People’s History”
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply

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