Hancock- Herman sutdios,FortWayne, IN

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Are these studiofiles stil open?
Does anyone recognize him?
He died when my mom was only 4yrs, I really want to find his family- Daughter Barbrara, Brother Harold, Sisters, Ellen Hancock Imel, Irene Speck, and Gladys/Ruth Sprunger!
at Robert N Hancock, FortyWayne, Indiana


Barbara Wilson The Hancocks that I know is Margarette and Charlie William. They had 10 children. Robert Hancock is our stake President here in Morehead City ward. I am the ex-wife of Telford Hancock who was the youngest and was dying of Renal Failure. These people are facinating. The President of our stake is Joel Grant Hancock and the youngest of all the children. With my children grown, I spend most of my time doing genealogy. Hope to hear more about your side. Barb
Aug 09, 2004 · Reply
Tori Counts Hi Barb,
I don't recognize the names, but as I have not been able to find any on my Hancock family who stayed in Indiana yet, thats not suprising.
I am going to try and email you, if you don't hear from me in a day or 2 please email me.
[contact link]
Aug 09, 2004 · Reply
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