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This Story is about the Hancock line from Thomas Hancock/Agnes Nickols To Now.
It is a brief story. But there are many link's to family tree's and more.Check out the url for this Story.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
I am not a Hancock, nor am I related to one. I was working as a professional firefighter several years ago, when we went to a bungalow to do some training. It was full of furniture, a lot of which was old and rickety. However, the house was full of books and some quantity of documents. We did training in the house because it had been sold and was slated for destruction to make way for a 'new, improved' McMansion.

We were told that the family had already removed all that they desired, but I looked at the books and papers and began to think as a genealogist. The next morning when I got off from work, I returned to the house, located at 7804 West Boulevard Drive, Alexandria, Fairfax County, VA, and began to look though what was left to see if anything of value had been overlooked by the family. I found the following items, and I would be glad to send them to them if the interested person can show a connection with this Hancock family.

First of all, here is what I could find regarding the names of this particular Hancock branch.

DAVID MAHON HANCOCK, born May 1, 1915 Lorton, Fairfax County, Virginia

His parents:

MILES KLIPSTEIN HANCOCK, born Sept. 9, 1883 at 107 Prince St., Captain's Row, Alexandria (city), VA
died May 22, 1967, services at Everly Funeral Home, buried at
Mt. Comfort Cemetary

NETTIE ALICE MAHON HANCOCK, born May 14, 1890 in Baltimore MD
died September 4, 1963, buried at Mt. Comfort Cemetary

DAVID HANCOCK'S YOUTH BIBLE: In one of the bookcases, I found a small-sized Bible with David's name written in the front. He received it when he was age 10 (1925), when he attended the Methodist Episcopal Church South. At that time, according to an inscription, the Hancocks lived at 307 S. Fairfax St., Alexandria (city), Virginia.

MAIDEN NAMES OF GRANDMOTHERS LISTED: in the back of the Bible is the following inscription:

Papa's (Miles K. Hancock) mother's maiden name: JANE FLITTER

Mama's (Nettie M. Hancock) mother's maiden name: SYAN CURTISS

SYNA CURTISS' mother's maiden name: KATE WATERS

Below this is the list of maiden names, presumably going through the female line:

In addition, there is a pile of about 30 UNIDENTIFIED B&W PHOTOS, MANY FROM THE 20S AND 30S.

In addition, there is a variety of obituaries and related articles from local newspapers from the 40s and 50s about family members, church clergy and family friends. I xeroxed them so they're easier to ready, but I have the originals in an envelope.

If you are interested in this matterial, let me know. I would love to pass it all on to a family member.
Dec 05, 2009 · Reply