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Hannah Chapin

Hannah Chapin, daughter of Chester B Chapin & Pamela Gray, married Joseph Fairbanks. She is buried outside of Waupun WI along with her husband.

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Chapin Book doesn't say where she was born...just gives info on her as a child of Chester Chapin "of Heath, MA, Groton, NY, Leon, NY, & Waupun, WI" Chester born in Heath, married in Pelham, MA and died in Waupun.

Chester Judson b. Sept 18, 1815 in Heath d. March 26, 1874 Algona, Iowa
Celesta b. Aug 19, 1817 d. Aug 24, 1817 Groton, NY
Sarah b. Aug 8, 1818 d. Oct 9, 1901 Groton, NY
Isanna b. Sept 13, 1820 d. Jan 23, 1860 Waupun
Hannah b. Nov 7, 1822 d. 1905
John b. July 31, 1825 d. Jan 22,1845 Waupun
Joseph b. Nov 6, 1828 d. June 4, 1836 Leon, NY
Henry Lyman b. Nov 3, 1831 Groton, NY d. Nov 6, 1862 St Louis
James Manning b. Oct 22, 1833 Leon, NY d. Apr 22, 1898

[external link] put in sequence...they were in Heath in 1815, in Groton in 1817, in Groton in 1831, and in Leon in 1833...from this I would guess that she was born in NY...
Jun 12, 2004 8:18 am reply
Hannah Chapin

Hannah Chapin

Born: Nov 7, 1822
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Hannah Chapin