Hazel Wenzel and Ray Preston, engagement?

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On the back of the photo in beautiful ornate fountain pen writing reads "Hazel Wenzel (new line) and (new line) Ray Preston." Because of the fancy writing, the different surnames and yet the obviously loving relationship I am guessing that this is an engagement photo. To back me up, pencilled opposite the names is a series of dates in a column: Oct 15, 24, 27, Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 21. Perhaps a list of possible wedding dates? Okay, I know I'm stretching things a bit, but it makes sense to me! Let me know if you know the true situation with this couple.

No locations or photographers are identified. This is the only information I have specifically about this photo.

I purchased this in a huge lot of photos from Ebay. They have no traceable history as the seller got them from someone who checks the dumpsters behind estate sales around several states in the midwest! I can only list what is on the individual photos themselves as they all came from different places. That's why I'm posting as many photos as I can, so any more of their history isn't lost. I would be interested to know if they help any family researchers though.


Leta Chavez where in the midwest my Prestons Are from Missouri and Illinois looking to see if there is a connection .thank you for adding photo to this site
Apr 13, 2005 · Reply
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