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Helen "Ellen' Simpson Doig, daughter of James Doig and Annie Henderson. Helen was born Feb. 10, 1816 in Burntisland,Fife, Scotland. Helen married Andrew Lowe Morison on December 1, 1837, in Burntisland. The Morison family emigrated to Hobart, Tasmania around 1855, and returned to Scotland around 1868. Helen's husband, Andrew Morison, died in the District of Cannongate, Edinburgh, Scotland, on December 4, 1871.
Per the article submitted by Edith Whisman to the Rooks County book, "Lest We Forget", Helen and her daughter Jemima immigrated to Plainville, Kansas to help Helen's daughter, Mary Ann, after the untimely death of her husband Francis Oliphant Steeples. This places their arrival in Kansas some time around 1882. Two of the Morison children remained in Hobart, Tasmania. This photo was provided by Helen's grgrgreat-grandaughters, Margaret Brown & Janice Fletcher of Hobart, Tasmania.
at 22 St. John St., Midlothian, Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom


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