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We are asking for help from the public to identify a man who suffers from retrograde amnesia who goes by the name of Benjaman Kyle.
Benjaman was found badly beaten in the dumpster walk-through behind a Burger King outside of Savannah, GA in August 2004. He survived the beating but upon regaining consciousness, he could not remember who he is.

Please see [external link] for the full story along with his picture.

Mystery: Benjaman's few memories indicate he is 62 years old, born August 29, 1948. We have reason to believe he lived in Indianapolis 1954-1963, between the ages of 6 and 15. He recalls many landmarks of the town. He believes he was raised a Catholic but has little knowledge of the Catholic schools there.
His next memories are of Boulder, CO starting in 1976 and extending into the early 1980s. He has detailed memories of movie theatres, restaurants, and the University of Colorado at Boulder campus.
Benjaman has extensive knowledge of restaurant and movie construction, management, and equipment, so be probably worked in these industries. He does not know how to cook.
We have had no luck in identifying Benjaman through fingerprints and dental records. He has taken a battery of DNA tests but has only found lukewarm Y-DNA matches that indicate his family name could have been Powell or Davidson. However if Benjaman was adopted, he probably would not have either of these family names.
Autosomal testing has revealed he has ancestry in the western Carolinas, Eastern Tennessee and the surrounding areas of N Georgia, N Alabama, E. Kentucky. Names that come up among his distant cousins along other lines of his family are Perry, Hooper, Davis, Davenport, Pilkenton (Pilkington), Boggs, Frost, and many others. For more information see [external link]
Benjaman has received widespread publicity, appearing on the Dr. Phil TV program, and more recently on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. He has been featured in newspapers around the country yet no one has come forward to identify him.
We have done limited searches in yearbooks, but not knowing what he may have looked like as a child, and considering he might not have gone to high school in Indianapolis, we do not plan to devote a lot of time to this. Searches of birth announcements, Catholic adoption records, drivers license photos, and other such databases have produced no results.
Benjaman does not know his Social Security Number - therefore he cannot get a job, cannot get medical coverage or a bank account. He cannot apply for a credit card. He cannot even get a library card because he does not have photo ID.

We are appealing to the public to help us identify Benjaman Kyle. We are certain there are individuals who have known Benjaman in the recent past. We ask you to forward this email to as many people as you can. We'd like to give Benjaman his life back.
If you have any information on Benjaman, please contact Colleen Fitzpatrick at [contact link] or (714) 296-3065.
Thanks, Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD Identifinders International
Huntington Beach, CA 714.296.3065 [contact link]
in Savannah, Georgia USA


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