Ida Smith Thompson(?) and family Smith family photo
Mary Fickle

Ida Smith Thompson(?) and family

Possible ID: Ida Smith (b. abt 1862, Fayette Co., TN) and family; husband may be a Mr. Thompson (Tomsen?); photo was probably made in the 1890's; photographer's stamp: Chickasha, Indian Territory. The present day town of Chickasha, OK, is in Grady Co., southwest of Oklahoma City. The photograph wassaved by Ida's first cousin, Maggie Hall Smith, also of Fayette County, TN. ... show more

The Mystery

Who is this family? Is it Ida Smith from Tennessee? Who is her husband? Why did they move to Indian Territory? What happened to them?

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Debby Styles Mary I think this family looks like the Turner/Smith family picture I have...I will post it after this...Look at the photo and see if you agree...debby
Reply posted Oct 04, 2004 7:44 am
Debby Styles I looked and I already have it posted under
James Clyde Turner and Nancy Telitha Smith
any questions on the names or such I have more info on them. There are other pictures in here at different ages of them posted by others.
Reply posted Oct 04, 2004 7:59 am
Mary Fickle I'm pretty sure my photo is Ida based on another photo of them made about the time they married. That one was identified on the back with her name, but not his first name.
Reply posted Oct 07, 2004 5:49 pm
Imogene Smith Do you know if this family has a Mathew and Nancy Smith from Tenn. that moved on to Al.?
Mathew Smith was said to Indian.
Reply posted Jan 16, 2005 9:04 pm
Mary Fickle I do not have any information on a Matthew or Nancy, so I don't know of a connection there.
Reply posted Jan 17, 2005 8:23 am