Ingeborg C. Andersson, Sweden Andersson family photo
Alyssa McIntosh

Ingeborg C. Andersson, Sweden

The Anderssons (this is Ingeborg C. Andersson) traveled from Kisa, Ostergotland Sweden to Southampton and embarked Titanic as 3rd class. The family was last seen on the decks. None of their bodies were recovered.

The Mystery

The Anderssons were the only Swedish whole family that perished on the RMS Titanic

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Photo taken at Kattesorp Farm Kisa, Ostergotland Sweden
 Ingeborg C. Andersson, Sweden

Ingeborg Constanzia Andersson

Born: Apr 16, 1902 in Kisa, Östergötland County , Sweden
Died: Apr 15, 1912 (age 9)
Cause: Titanic sinking

Also in this photo: Ingeborg Constanzia Andersson at 9 years old