Irving BROWN, John B VARY, Willett VARY

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A photo of L to R: Irving BROWN, John B. VARY, and Willett VARY
Irving Charles Brown, son of Sarah Ann VARY (1818-1903) and Caleb BROWN (1817-1882) posing with his uncle John B. VARY and cousin Willett VARY.
Irving C Brown was born 20 Mar 1860 in Greig, N.Y., married Charlotte E. CORSER (1864-1934) on 8 Oct 1879 and died 14 Dec 1927 in Syracuse, N.Y.;
John Broughton VARY born 4 Apr 1833 in Stephentown, N.Y., married 1st Sarah F. HART (1835-1871) and 2nd Maria Ann WILSON (1832-1915) in 1871. He is the son of Willett A. VARY (1793-1875) and Polly ALLEN (1796-1838);
Willett H. VARY born 26 Apr 1854 in Harrisburg, N.Y., married 1st Ella L. CARPENTER (1857-1899), 2nd Jessie K. TAYLOR (1861-1908) on 6 Nov 1901, and 3rd Mrs. Agnes CHAMBERS Quinn (1866-1929) before 1911. Willett died 16 Mar 1920 in Southern Pines, N.C. He was the son of John Broughton VARY (1833-1924) and Sarah F. HART (1835-1871)
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