Ivory Hurd Pike Pike family photo
Carolyn Hall

Ivory Hurd Pike

Ivory's picture is in slightly faded condition on a hard board. It has been somewhat distorted vertically. I am guessing that is a minister's collar he is wearing. There is no information on the photo except his name. I purchased this photo at an antique store in the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon. I would like to get it reunited with it's family. Can there be more than one Ivory Hurd Pike in the world? ... show more

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Reyn Staffel This is a photo of my great grandfather. He wasn't a minister, but served in the Union Army during the Civil War as a private in the 16th Ill. Cavalry. He killed a Confederate officer in hand to hand combat and was later taken prisoner and held at Andersonville prison. Following the war, he became an attorney andserved in the Ill. State Legislature. He was dearly loved by mother and her siblings. My sister must have sold the picture.
Reply posted May 13, 2012 10:44 pm
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