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Sometime in the early 1800's, David Pike was a fur trapper in Pennsylvania. Apparently tired of the fur Trapping lifestyle, he one day vowed that he would marry the first woman he met. He met a Mohawk woman named Betsy Brown and married her. Sometime in 1806, they had a son, named him David. It is unknown at this time where they live, but it is believed that they lived somewhere in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York State. Sometime prior to 1844, David Pike, the son, married Mary Mills from reportedly Tyrone, NY. She was the daughter of John Mills. They moved to Nunda, Livingston County, New York sometime prior to August 1850, as they appear together with three children on the 1850 Federal Census, Emily M. born in 1844, Jane born in 1847, and John born in 1850. David and Mary Pike had two more children prior to 1860, Elizabeth born in 1853 and Charles born in 1858. David and Mary bought a small farm sometime prior to 1860 in what is now known as the "Rattlesnake Wildlife Area", a State wildlife preserve located a few miles East of Nunda, New York on Route 436.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Hazel Marie Fouts married Raymond Pike of Cinncinati Ohio. They lived in Kentucky for a while. Raymond Pike had a sister named Maryfay Pike. We know he had other brothers and sisters but don't know their names. We also know that Maryfay was married later on in life. Hazel Marie Fouts and Raymond Pike had a son on May 7, 1955 his name is John Marshall Pike Sr. Hazel and Raymond divorced sometime a few years later, we don't know the exact date or year. John Marshall Pike Sr never met his father. We do know that Raymond Pike served in the military for some time. His sister Maryfay Pike stayed in touch with Hazel Marie Fouts, but Hazel passed on July 4th 2004. This part of the family history was always kept hush hushed for some reason, we don't know why.

John M Pike Sr (Raymond and Hazel's son) married a lovely woman named Barbara Townsend. They had three sons, Timothy Pike, Mark Pike, and John M Pike Jr.

John M Pike Jr's father (John Pike Sr) would never tell him anything about his grandfather. It always remained a mystery. Now John has set out to find any of his relatives on the Pike family that is related to Raymond Pike or Maryfay Pike Cincinnati Ohio. If you know anything please contact us at [contact link] we want to solve this mystery and bring about a scene of closure to this searching soul.
Apr 17, 2012 · Reply