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Jack Ramey of Wise Co., VA, born c. 1826l died March 1914. Son of Danl. Ramey & Margt. Patton. Married Marina Osborne c. 1850.

Tony Ramey From my files: Descendants of John H. "Jack" Ramey, Sr. (tonyramey!@[external link]) Tony Ramey 2007 It appears Jack's father Daniel Ramey b.abt.1787 was pssibly a brother of my ancest. Timothy Ramey b.1786 at prob. Scott Co., VA. Documetation for Timothy & Daniel is needed.

1 John H. "Jack" Ramey, Sr. Born: Abt. 1825 at Scott Co., VA d: Mar 1914 at Miller Yard, Scott Co., VA
+Irene (Arrinia) "Reaney" Osborne Born: Abt. 1830 at VA m: Abt. 1848 at Prob. Scott Co., VA d: Abt. 1906 at Miller Yard, Scott Co., VA
2 Sarah Anne Ramey Born: May 14, 1849 at Dungannon, Scott Co., VA d: Oct 11, 1937 at Central Lake Antrim, MI
+Andrew Jackson Addington Born: Jul 11, 1850 at Dungannon, Scott Co., VA m: Jan 10, 1867 at Scott Co., VA d: Sep 13, 1925 at San Joaquin Co., CA
2 John H. Ramey, Jr. Born: Aft. 1850 at Scott Co., VA d: 1898 at Coeburn, Wise Co., VA
+Nancy E. Casteel Born: 1856 at Scott Co., VA m: Abt. 1869 at Prob. Scott Co., VA d: Aug 3, 1903
3 Sarah Ramey Born: 1870
3 Jessie Henderson "Hench" Ramey Born: Jul 11, 1872 at Miller Yard, Scott Co., VA
+L. V. Salyer Born: 1875 at Scott Co., VA m: Aug 2, 1894 d: Bef. 1908
4 Nannie D. Ramey Born: Jun 9, 1895 d: 1907
4 Hobart P. Ramey Born: Aug 23, 1897 d: 1897
4 Salley Orma Ramey Born: Aug 22, 1897
*2nd Wife of Jessie Henderson "Hench" Ramey:
+Sarah "Kassey" Dickerson m: 1908
4 Walter L. Ramey Born: Apr 14, 1905
3 Lilbourne Ramey Born: 1875 d: 1903
3 Cosby Ramey Born: 1876
*2nd Wife of John H. Ramey, Jr.:
+Spouse 2nd Unknown m: 1880 at Prob. VA
3 Emory E. Ramey
+Lysie Marquim
3 Lulia Ramey
+John Lambert
3 Lawrence W. Ramey Born: Feb 27, 1895
3 Hobart McKinley Ramey Born: Oct 9, 1896 at Wise Co., VA
+Pearl Ramsey
3 John Ramey
+Emma Marshall
2 Mary A. Ramey Born: Abt. 1851 at Scott Co., VA
2 Eliza Jane Ramey Born: Nov 15, 1852 at Dungannon, Scott Co., VA d: Nov 28, 1927
+Samuel Stallard Born: Nov 11, 1847 at VA m: Nov 4, 1869 d: Jun 3, 1920
2 Nancy Ramey Born: 1854
+H. C. Stallard
2 William Ramey Born: Abt. 1858 at Scott Co., VA
2 Daniel Marion Ramey Born: 1859 at Scott Co., VA d: 1906 at WV
+Margaret Ellen Blevins Born: at Pike Co., KY m: Jan 21, 1880 at Russell Co., VA
3 Robert McKinley Ramey
4 Jack Albert Ramey
5 Douglas Jackson Ramey Born: 1958
2 Martha D. (Mariah) Ramey Born: 1860
+John H. Addington
2 George M. Ramey Born: Abt. 1861 at Scott Co., VA
+Florence J. McGlothlin Born: Abt. 1861 at Wise Co., VA m: Apr 18, 1882 at Russell Co., VA
2 Mary Emily Ramey Born: 1864
2 Frances G. Ramey Born: Mar 7, 1865 at Miller Yard, Scott Co., VA d: Aug 5, 1865 at Miller Yard, Scott Co., VA
2 Andrew Jackson "Jack" (Dack) Ramey Born: 1867 at Scott Co., VA d: 1889 at Scott Co., VA
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Sandra Salyer And Dack Ramey married Fannie Powers. They had one son, Benjamin Ramey. Ben married Mary Meade. And they had one daughter and about four sons. Marvin, Jack and I'd have to look at my database for the others. I met two of Ben Rameys grandsons this summer. We need to talk. (smile) Don, in Tennessee.
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Katherine Collins are you related to the collin's that lived in appalachian virg
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Joel Ramey My name is Joel Ramey my great great granddaddy is dack Ramey and my great granddaddy is Benjamin Ramey and my granddaddy is jack Ramey he married jeannete Webb from whitesburg Kentucky any information on Rameys and Webb's would be appreciated
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