Jacob Kristufeck Death Certificate kristufeck family photo
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Jacob Kristufeck Death Certificate

A photo of the death certificate of Jacob Kristufeck

About Jacob Kristufeck

Jacob Kristufek was a Bohemian immigrant, born in what is now the Czech Republic around 1831. He came to the US around 1854 and settled in Chicago. He was active in Republican politics, likely engaged by the 1860 Republican Convention in Chicago and joined a Union militia dedicated to protecting the St. Louis armory from falling into the hands of Confederate loyalists should war break out. He was a soldier in the United States Civil War, serving under the command of Captain Ott in Missouri in 1861. After the war, he continued to live and work in Chicago in lumber yards as a cooper. After his death in 1895, his name was added to the Civil War veterans memorial at the Bohemian National Cemetery. Spouse: Anna Slepicka (1828-1911). Children: Mattias Kristufek (1849-1930), Joseph Kristufek (1855-1933), John Kristufek Sr. (1858-1930) and Rose Kristufek Kase (1867-1956) ...more info

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Jacob Kristufeck Death Certificate

Jacob Kristufeck

Born: 1831 in Tabor, South Bohemian Region , Czech Republic
Died: Dec 19, 1895 (age 64) in Chicago, IL
Cause: Old Age

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