Jacob Lash / Loesch III Yost family photo
Heather Lash

Jacob Lash / Loesch III

Memorial for Jacob Lash / Loesch III and his wife, Elizabeth (Yost) Lash.

About Jacob Lash

I descend from this Jacob's the III; he was not Jacob the II. I am this Jacob's 6th Great-Niece and I have been researching our Great family for over 30 years. Jacob III was the first-born son and run of 10 children born of; PARENTS: Jacob Lash, II, b. 20 Jan 1725, Ginsheim,Prussia , d. Aft 1790, Washington,Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Cobb, b. 29 Oct 1726, Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA , d. Aft 1776, Sussex County,New Jersey. His SIBLINGS were;: Philip Lash, b. Abt 1754, Sussex County,New Jersey , Peter Lash, b. Abt 1758, Sussex County,New Jersey , d. 24 Aug 1843, Ashland, Ohio, USA (~ 85 years) Isaac Lash, b. Abt 1758, Sussex County, New Jersey , d. Abt 1835, Bethlehem Twp, Stark, Ohio, USA (77 years) Abraham Lash, b. Abt 1760, Sussex County,New Jersey , -d. ? David Lash, b. 1766, Newton, New Jersey, USA , d. 1854, Sugar Creek, Stark, Ohio, USA (88 years) Barbara Lash, b. Abt 1770, Sussex County,New Jersey , d.? Catherine Lash, b. Abt 1772, Sussex County,New Jersey , d.? John Lash, b. Abt 1774, Sussex County,New Jersey , d? Phoebe Lash, b. Abt 1776, Sussex County,New Jersey , d? Jacob III is my 6th Gr Uncle through his brother David, who was born 6th in line of my 7th Great- Grandparent's 10 children. Jacob III was a Farmer and a Revolutionary Patriot. His Mother was a descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim's John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. Because of this Jacob's Mother, we are not only German but English. The COBB line goes into European Nobility. See my research at: http://itsallrelative.info/getperson.php?personID=I22304&tree=default ...more info

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Was thrilled to see this posting! My husband's family are Loesch's, which over the years, became Lasch. I have not been able to find back this far, so it's nice to know someone else is also searching. Our Lasch's are from the Belmont County, OH and Wheeling, WV area, and the tree contains many of the same names as those listed on the memorial stone.
Mar 27, 2013 2:29 pm reply
Jacob Lash / Loesch III

Jacob Lash

Born: 1752 in Newton Twp, NJ , United States of America
Died: Sep 21, 1836 (age 84) in Pease Twp, OH , United States of America
Also in this photo: Jacob Lash  ·  Elizabeth (Yost) Lash