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My Dad, Jake Wolfe, had a son before he married Mom.No one in the family had ever mentioned it. The only thing that was passed on that the woman's name was Netty? Fehr .Probably in northern Sask. or Southern Manitoba
where Dad went to help his uncle harvest. This is a picture of Dad and a very slim Lady and a small curly haired boy in front of them. Could this be our missing Half Brother?

Mystery: Could this be Netty Fehr and their son? Do you know the woman and boy in this picture?
at Choiceland or Carrot River, House was later moved to Choiceland, Saskatchewan Canada


Edna Legere The lady apparently died of T.B. shortly after this photo was taken.We (Wolfe Family)
speculate that the child was raised by her side of the of the family.E.L.
Can anyone help on death records in the early 1930's in Canada [contact link] Thanks
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