James Elton Baker (aka Elton Britt) 1913 - 1972

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James Elton Baker was born June 27, 1913 to James and Martelia Woods Baker in Marshall, Arkansas. His stage name was Elton Britt. Photo was on a piece of sheet music also advertising Layman Cameron and the Mentholatum Mountaineers, and says below the photo, "starring Elton Britt, His Favorite Cowboy Songs".
Back of sheet music has a photo of the "Mentholatum Mountaineers" which included Charles Barber, Layman Cameron, Edde Smith, Charles Magnante, Ginnie Blue and Ezzie Ford.
Elton Britt made singing appearances in several Hollywood western films, and it was often said that his singing was better than that of Jimmie Rodgers. Elton was also a composer and wrote several well-known pieces of musice.
James E. Baker died June 22, 1872 in Pennsylvania. He was famous during the 1930's through the 1960's for his singing and yodeling. Some of his work can be heard/viewed on [external link]
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