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The singers and musicians who have entertained us. Read more >>

Believed to have been in existence for over 55,000 years, music has been some part of every culture, everywhere. From the human voice (which may have been the first "instrument") to pipes, flutes, and drums and then into full blown orchestras, music has evolved but its purpose remains the same - to express, and support, the human psyche.

While music today depends on technological advancements, a couple of centuries ago almost everyone played an instrument or even had a family band. Before radio and television, the evening entertainment consisted of games and music - both supplied by the family. These are pictures of some of those family bands and some of the musicians who supplied entertainment to those of us who were less talented! << Read less
This is an early photo of Mr Riley B. King (1925 - 2015) described as a blues singer, song writer, and guitarist - but better described as legend. B.B. King (his stage name) was born in Mississippi on a cotton plantation near the town of Itta Bena. His parents were sharecroppers. His recording career began with his first single in 1949. It took a couple of years for him to catch on, but when he did, a legend was born. He was married twice and had between 11 and 15 children. At the time of his death, on May 14th, 2015, he was living in Las Vegas. You could say "the thrill is gone" but his music and his guitar, Luciille, will be with us forever. Thank you, B.B!
People in this photo:
Riley "B.b." B. King
Sep 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015
A photo of Gerald "Jerry" Lee Byers
People in this photo:
A photo of Ruth Kaiser
People in this photo:
Ruth Kaiser
Feb 2, 1911 - Jul 19, 2010
Kailua, Hawaii
A photo of Helen & Madeline Martz
People in this photo:
Helen Marie (Martz) Sponenberg
around Mar 14, 1925 - around Mar 17, 1998
A photo of Knut Paul Ourom in his flat in Oslo in the early fitfies
People in this photo:
Knut Paul Ourom
Feb 4, 1922 - Oct 15, 2010
Hedmark, Norway
A photo of Pablo Casals
People in this photo:
Pablo Casals
Dec 29, 1876 - Oct 23, 1973
San Juan, Puerto Rico
A photo of Igor Stravinsky
People in this photo:
Igor Stravinsky
Jun 18, 1882 - April 1971
New York, NY
A photo of Joseph Francis Domenice Jr. Center "THE KINGSMEN"
People in this photo:
Joseph Francis Domenice Jr.
Oct 25, 1937 - Jun 8, 2015
Reading, PA, United States
A photo of William Carridine
People in this photo:
William Carridine
Sep 8, 1898 - Nov 11, 1958
natchez, MS, us
A photo of William Carridine
People in this photo:
William Carridine
Sep 8, 1898 - Nov 11, 1958
natchez, MS, us
A photo of Misha Bichkoff
People in this photo:
Misha Bichkoff
Oct 14, 1888 - Apr 6, 1970
Hamtramck, MI
A photo of Eduard Balsereit ist ca. 30 Jahre alt. Edurard Balsereit liebte Musik. Er konnte nur 3% sehen. Aber auf den Instrumenten war er der Meister. Die Liebe zur Musik und zu den Instrumenten hat er versucht seinen acht Kindern und drei Stiefkindern nahe zu bringen. Nur einer wurde Geigenbauer und übt diesen Beruf bis heute aus.
People in this photo:
Eduard Balsereit
Jun 4, 1912 - 1984
A photo of Johnny Mercer
People in this photo:
Johnny Mercer
1909 - 1976
A photo of Paul Francis Webster
People in this photo:
Paul Francis Webster
1907 - Mar 18, 1984
A photo of a "cowboy band"? Found in an old photo in photo album. Don't know anything else about them. Back says Laughead Photographers 6411 Hillcrest Dallas
A photo of Kenneth Sigars' album. Found this record with his signature. With not finding anything about the item I thought it could resourcefully for his descendants.
People in this photo:
Kenneth Sigars
May 18, 1931 - December 1981
A photo of Edwin Sellen
People in this photo:
Edwin Sellen
Jan 2, 1896 - November 1966
Los Angeles, CA
A photo of Geoffrey Ellis
People in this photo:
Geoffrey Ellis
May 10, 1927 - August 1977
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A photo of Danny Leon Willhite
People in this photo:
Danny Leon Willhite
Born: Oct 26, 1936
A photo of the Toledo Ohio Marine Band, looks to be 1880s to 1890s - SUITCASE in the ATTIC Photo.
A photo of the Coronado Tent City Band circ 1900 - Found photo in SUITCASE in the ATTIC
A photo of Edward Capolongo
People in this photo:
Edward Capolongo
May 28, 1913 - December 1975
Hollis, NY
A photo of James B Elder
People in this photo:
James B Elder
Born: around 1917
Pennsylvania, United States
A photo of The Gondoliers dance band, 1925. My mother played the piano in this band in 1924.
A photo of Edmund Gratz
People in this photo:
Edmund Gratz
Aug 12, 1901 - May 1973
Plainview, NY
I've "rescued" an old photograph of Ruth WILLIAMS of Ironwood, MI. The photograph was taken in the early 1900's with Ruth appearing to be in her teens or 20's. She is pictured with a friend and both are holding violins. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Ruth and her family: Ruth WILLIAMS was b. 1901-1903 in Wisconsin to parents William Pascoe WILLIAMS (1864-1948) and Emma Johanna POAD (1866-1938). Ruth had a brother Chester Henry WILLIAMS (1895-1982). Ruth married Harry BOND Jr. (1904-1970) and together they had two children, David Lee (1938-1975) and Emmajean (1939-1998). Ruth died in 1970. Census records provide the following details: 1910 census of Knight, WI: William P. WILLIAMS, age 48, married 16 years, born England, parents born England, to USA 1890, a Blacksmith in Iron Mines Emma WILLIAMS, wife, age 43, married 16 years, 5 children/2 living, born WI, parents born England/IL Chester WILLIAMS, son, age 15, born MI Ruth WILLIAMS, dau, age 8, born WI 1920 census of Ironwood, MI: William WILLIAMS, age 57, to USA 1872, born England, parents born England Emma WILLIAMS, wife, age 53, born WI, parents born England/IL Chester H. WILLIAMS, son, age 24, born MI, a Hospital Intern Ruth E. WILLIAMS, dau, age 18, born WI + 3 Lodgers I’m hoping to locate someone from this WILLIAMS Family so that the photograph can be returned to its rightful place, with family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley
People in this photo:
A photo of Elvis Presley dressed as a cowboy at age 13.
People in this photo:
Elvis Aron Presley
Jan 8, 1935 - Aug 16, 1977
A photo of Elvis Presley performing in 1956.
People in this photo:
Elvis Aron Presley
Jan 8, 1935 - Aug 16, 1977
This is a photo of the cover page of a Civil War book of songs. (Ulysses S. Grant on the cover.) Date on booklet is 1911.
This is a photo of a cover sheet and advertisement to provide music for the sailors in WW1. It says that by special arrangement with the Dept. of Navy Recreation of the Woman;s Naval Services, both talking machines and records can be secured at special rates.
This is the cover of a booklet of WW1 songs. "Don't sob - sing!"
A photo of Elvis Presley performing "Hound Dog" in 1956.
People in this photo:
Elvis Aron Presley
Jan 8, 1935 - Aug 16, 1977
A photo of Walter Wiliam Durman and the North Somerset Yeomanry Band.
People in this photo:
Walter Wiliam Durman
Mar 28, 1873 - Jul 13, 1957
A photo of Military band parade practice at Camp Shelby, Mississippi in 1941.
A photo of Frank Hanson and The Arabian Knights. Frank Hanson was a talented musician who was born in Bklyn, NY. Frustrating that we can't find any recordings he might done. Frank Hanson was the father of those "Original Toni Twins" Bernadette and Frances Hanson. Remember, Which Twin had the Toni?
People in this photo:
The back of the photo says Boy Scout band, Okemah, Okla. The license plate on the car is 1917. It was probably taken on the day of a parade, maybe 4th of July?
A photo of Mary Lorene Molly Tisserand and the High School Band. Molly is Sixth from left Second Row in the Sailor Dress
People in this photo:
Mary Lorene Molly Tisserand
Sep 21, 1909 - May 18, 1997
A photo taken 4 Jul 1903 Mayflower Mine in Ochoco Mountains east of Prineville,Crook,OR l-r: Leon Draper, Swede Draper, Charley McDowell, Adrian Crooks, Guy Moore, John Hunsaker, Bruce Gray, Johnny Chamberland, Otto Gray, Frank Chamberland, Jack Shipp & Jack Glaze
People in this photo:
A photo of Robert George "Bob" St. Clair
People in this photo:
Robert George "Bob" St. Clair, Sr.
Jan 13, 1918 - Jun 14, 1991
A photo of Howard Eugene Niles
People in this photo:
Taken around 1900 in South Dakota. Jess Norris, Nora Fields Woodworth, Lena Fields Funingsland, Minnie Fields Mangan and Kate Fields
People in this photo:
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