Charlie Daniels

Date & Place:
Oct 28, 1936 - Jul 6, 2020

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Ancient Faces
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Country music singer and musician Charlie Daniels died today at the age of 83. Best remembered for his 1979 “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” - do you have a favorite song of his?
Jul 13 · Reply
Sharon Durfee
Southern rock not country
Beth Van Tilburg
Sharon Durfee he made contributions to Southern Rock, Country and Bluegrass. It's sad he's passed, must you nit pick?
Helen Norvell
Karen Jarrell
Your in Heaven now singing and playing for God and Jesus.
Norma Umphlet Skurzewski
Rest in peace and thanks for it all 🙏🙏💔
Pam Smith
Oh no!!! My sympathy to family and friends...
Jim Baadshaug Caruso
Fire on the Mountain
Suzanne Revero
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Jul 06 · Reply
Gwynne Carter Candelaria
Larry N Jensen
Paulette Kile
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A number of years ago our family stopped at a small country fair in Perris, CA. We saw a sign that Charlie Daniels would be there at 8:00pm. Tickets $5.00. Thinking that it was probably a Charlie Daniels impersonator $5.00 was reasonable. Much to our surprise and shock it was the real Charlie Daniels. He gave a fabulous, very relaxed concert in front of maybe 150 people for 1 1/2 hours. He was getting ready to release the album Simple Man and said he wanted to do it for us. He got a standing ovation and brought the house down. Wow...we will never forget that.
Jul 06 · Reply
Bill Wodenhelm
Liberals everywhere are celebrating his death because he's Southern.
Shawn Murphy
Bill Wodenhelm you have no idea do you??
Bill Wodenhelm
Shawn Murphy you're from Michigan, you don't get an opinion.
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy
Bill Wodenhelm well... Heres one anyway! Your a backwards kinda guy that Charlie would have been ashamed of!
Bill Wodenhelm
Shawn Murphy am I? Tell me what I believe in lol
Shawn Murphy
Bill Wodenhelm you already did! Lol
Bill Wodenhelm
Shawn Murphy shut your stupid old ass up.
Shawn Murphy
Bill Wodenhelm you poor thing. What you need is a good old michigan butt whopping But you proly already had a few country butt whoopins
Shawn Murphy
Peace out! You ain't worth it bro!
Keith Lofton
Bill Wodenhelm BS,ya'll ...bless your heart
Piper Markle
So much more than the devil went down to Georgia.
Lee Willis
R. I. P. Charlie.
Sukhpreet Singh
RIP. Only memories remain..
Alfonso Rodriguez
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