Aretha Franklin - The Queen of Soul

Created on Aug 16, 2018 by Kathy Pinna
RIP Aretha . Your music brought us all great joy. Thank you.

This is a video of her singing the song "Respect" around the time the song became a hit - 1968. Enjoy the show one more time!
The Queen of Soul's Life: Born Aretha Louise Franklin on March 25, 1942 In Memphis Tennessee, by the time she died of pancreatic cancer on August 16, 20198 she was simply known as Aretha. She began singing at age 4 in church and by the age of 25 she was a commercial success: Respect, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman", I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, Spanish Harlem, and Lady Soul were just a few of her hits. During her career as a singer-songwriter, she would go on to sell over 75 million songs worldwide and became honored as "The Queen of Soul."

Married twice, she had 4 sons - the first born when she was 12 and the last born when she was
28. She died at her home in Detroit Michigan at the age of 76.

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