James Henry Eversole & Two of His Daughters

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Linda Eversole sent me this picture and believes that James Henry Eversole's daughters here are Ida B. and Mary Emeline. For another picture of Ida and Mary, taken about 1956, see "Seven Eversole Siblings and a Nephew" on this site. The home pictured here is believed to be the home of James Henry Eversole and his wife Hannah E. Wood, who may have been deceased at the time of this picture. She died abt 8 April 1926. James and Hannah's first child, Mrs. Robert (Hattie Wood Eversole) Duncan died at age 24 in 1894. James and Hannah's children #6 Robert V., #7 Anna B. aka Amy, and #8 Mable Lingle Eversole, all died in childhood.
at Eversole, Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana


BettyJane Carl There is a better picture of James Henry Eversole which one can see on [external link] in the Red Deer Archives. I am told that there is one believed to be of his wife, Hannah, and another of their daughter, Ida, at the Red Deer Archives, which pictures are not online.
May 13, 2004 · Reply
BettyJane Carl There is also a picture of a young man in a Civil War uniform, said to be possibly that of James Eversole, John Edwin's father, that can be accessed in the Red Deer Archives on [external link]. Linda Eversole wrote me that James Eversole did not serve in the Civil War, but that his older brother, Edward Philip Eversole did, and she believes that the picture is of him when he was discharged at the age of 27.
May 13, 2004 · Reply
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