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JAMES LEWIS JENKINS(MAN IN BREARD)martha ,with some of there children,far left on back row,black haired man William Jenkins ? other man on back row Joe Jenkins my husbands grandfather s/o James Jenkins


Betty Felton This is ineresting. My grandfather was J.T. Jenkins of Ga. and he had a son named William C. Jenkins. But I know these persons are not mine. But just thought I would if your Jenkins are related some way to the William R. Jenkins Millicent Ivie family of Georgia?
Apr 12, 2005 · Reply
Barbara Jenkins [external link] take a look at my Jenkins family tree I don't regonize those names but there was Jenkins every where
Apr 13, 2005 · Reply
Barbara Jenkins I've not been to this page in awhile but the one guy(on end ) is William Randall Jenkins,don't know if he was in Georgia,I have S.C. and [external link] proof of where in S.C.still researching
Dec 16, 2005 · Reply
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