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Barbara Jenkins WE ALL HAVE THEM Here is some information we have uncovered about ours. Levi Haltiwanger, born in South Carolina's Edgefield County in 1819, was the son of emigrants from the Black Forest region of Germany. Levi and his wife, Melvina Attaway Haltiwanger, migrated to Florida with nine other families of German descent in 1851 @ They settled in Columbia County Fla. They had nine children. John Elmore, born Oct. 1, 1841, Ellen, born Dec. 19, 1843. Oliver, born Dec. 4, 1845. ldonia, born March 23, 1847. David P. born Oct. 1, 1850. O.T. born, Dec. 1, 1852. He died, Nov. 1853. Sarah Alia, born, Sept. 23,1854. William T. born, Aug. 6, 1857@ T2bitha Catherine, born, Mar, 7, 1660. The families from South Carolina were all of the Lutheran faith. Since this denomination did not exist in Florida, these people held their prayer services in homes of various members. These migrants were primarily "earth people" they earned their livelihoods by farming. By 1859 the group felt that they needed religious stability so they organized what became the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. This church the oldest Lutheran church in Florida, is located 12 miles south of Lake City, on highways 41 and 441 . There is a cemetery by the church that became the finial resting place of these ambitious pioneers. On December 30, 1875, 24 year old David Pinkney Haltiwanger married Eugenia Elizabeth Burns, Eugenia was born on April 24, 1854 the daughter of James Burns of Screven County, Georgia, and Elizabeth Rawls Bums of Decatur, Georgia. Earlier in 1875 Dave and his friends had begun to cut timber from Dave's land to build a house for him and his future bride, (The original house still stands.) In May, 1986, the Haltiwangers were declared a Pioneer Farm Family by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Doyle Conner. To be eligible for this award the homestead must be at least I 00 years old, and must have remained in the original family ownership for that period of time. Blanche Haltiwanger Kirby, researched records at the Columbia County Court house and found proof that the Haitiwanger family qualified. As stated earlier, in May 1986, the award was presented in an impressive ceremony at White Springs, Florida. Blanche Kirby accepted the coveted plaque for the Haltiwanger family. Dave and Eugenia gave birth to 12 children during their marriage. Two babies died at birth, and son Hugh died May 15,1886. The surviving offspring were Rosa, born May 28, 1880. Albert, born Oct. 27, 1882 RLibie, born March 19, 1885. Reamer, born Sept. 9, 1888. Lula, born Feb. 1889. Abner, born Jan. 4, 1891. Emma born Sept. 9, 1893. Lillian, born July 28@ 1895. Syrena, born Oct. 6, 1898. What a rich heritage we have! Reamer's children Jack Haltiwanger, Elizabeth H. Witt, and Blanche H. Kirby now own the 'The Old Home Place'. Every now and then they visit the farm to relax and relive past memories. Rosa Haltiwanger, married Drew Feagle. They had three children Earley, born Dec. 18, 1898. Bascom Hugh, born Feb.19,1900. Nellie, born Mar. 10, 1902. Bascom Hugh married Sadie Leona Holloway Dec. 26, 1932. They had four children Hugh Bascom, born, Oct. 9, 1933. James Randolph (Bud), born Mar. 14, 1936. Sadie Lorine, born Nov. 21, 1938. Patricia Elaine (Pat), born Mar. 5, 1945. The Haltiwanger families go back to Germany. John Haltiwanger who was born in 1760 in Germany, immigrated to America. He took part in the Colonial struggle for independence. He was indeed an ardent Whig and fought bravely for the success of the cause. His son Jacob Haltiwanger was born Mar. 30. 1785 in Chapin, S.C. Lexington County. He married Elizabeth Feagle, daughter of Laurens Feagle and Rachael Quattlebaum. They had ten children. George, born May I 1, 1813. Nancy, born Dec. 25, 1815. She died early in life. Catherine, born Aug. 6, 1817. Levi, born April 14, 1819. William, born Nov.22, 1822. Leah, born Nov. 7, 1825. Julia Ann, born Jan. 11, 1832. John Elmore, born Nov. 15, 1829. He also died early in life. Emeline, born Jan. 3, 1835. Isaiah, born May 16, 1838. 1 have listed earlier Levi's wife and children. Laurens Feagle, father of Elizabeth Haltiwanger who was born in Germany, immigrated to America from Bavaria Switizeriand to a landing in Baltimore MD. Elizabeth had four brothers and four sisters. John, born in 1803. William, born May 16, 1806. Adam?. George, born May 3, 1815. The girls were Mary, born 1793. Salome (Sally)? Eve, wife of Martin Koon Jr. and Susanna (Susie). Lauren's wife Rachael was born in 1784 in S.C. Her father was Mathias Quattlebaum and her mother was Rachael Davin? or Darrin. Rachael received a bounty grant of land adjoining the Feagle property on Rocky Branch a tributary of Turkey Creek for patriotic service during the war. Lauren's first wife was Rachael's sister Leah who died before 1803. Lauren's son William married Margaret Stewart, they had three children. Laurence Clayburn, born 1833. Jane Antoinette, born July 26, 1839. William Joseph, born Aug. 1842. Margaret died 1842. In 1841 Laurens Feagle made a will: The State of South Carolina Newbery District In the name of God, I Laurens Feagle of the district and state appeared to make and ordained this my last will and testament. To wit I will my body have suitable and Christian burial after my decease give unto my son George Feagle the whole of my real-estate now in my possession consisting of 390 acres to him and his legal descendants forever subject never the less to this provision that if my wife Rachael should out live me, she is to have possession of my dwelling house, and 2 as much land as she may need for cultivation and support. I also give unto my son George one negro boy Aaron, to him and his descendants forever. I give unto my beloved wife Rachael the following property Niv, one Negro man and one Negro woman and Billy Wagon and two horses and two cows and calves, four head of dry cattle, 16 head of hogs, all such farming utensils as she may need. As much of the household and kitchen furniture as she may select for her own use, to have and hold during her life and at, her death to be sold by my executor here-in after appointed and divided as I direct in a future provisions of my last will and testament. I will that all my property of every kind whatsoever not enumerated and willed by the above bequest. To my son George and my wife, be sold after my death. The proceeds of which I hereby give to the children of my deceased daughter Mary Monts, of my deceased daughter, Sally Able. To Eve Koon, wife of Martin Koon, and Elizabeth Haltiwanger, wife of Jacob Haltiwanger, share and share alike, to them and their legal distributes forever. I hereby direct that the property above devoted to my wife after her death be sold and divided among my above mentioned distributes (except Elizabeth Haltiwanger) my son John, William and George Feagle to them and their legal distributes share and share alike. I hereby contribute to my son George Feagle my executor of this my last wi II and testament. In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal, this Twenty second day of December. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fort one and in the Sixty sixth year of the of independence of the United States of America. Signed Sealed acknowledged Laurens Feagle and executed in the presence of Joseph Currie John Werts Jr. In 1843 William Feagle married Elizabeth Legrone. They had II children. Mark (Toug), born 1844 in Newberry, SC A confederate veteran. Hezekiah, born Dec. 6, 1845. Margaret, born 1847. Sarah Catherine, born Dec. 15, 1848. Bennet J. Born, 1851. Rebecca, born Mar. 1852. Shelton, born July 15, 1855. Lenora, born 1857 in Columbia County Fla. Isabella, born 1860. Missouri, born 1862. Appleton, born Mar. 3, 1866. In Dec. 1867 Hezekiah married Caroline Witt. She already had a daught
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Barbara Jenkins I've not been to this page in awhile but the one guy(on end ) is William Randall Jenkins,don't know if he was in Georgia,I have S.C. and proof of where in S.C.still researching
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Barbara Jenkins take a look at my Jenkins family tree I don't regonize those names but there was Jenkins every where
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