James Monroe Mizer & Lowerys Lowery family photo
Kenneth Lasley

James Monroe Mizer & Lowerys

A. Henderson Lowery and wife
B. Nora Call standing husband
Henry Lee Mizer seated
C. Tom Mizer, wife with white hair
D. Quentin Mizer, wife with white hair at table. Parents of James Monroe Mizer
E. James Monroe Mizer, wife
Sarah Elizabeth Lowery

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Photo taken at Purdy Barry County, Missouri USA
James Monroe Mizer & Lowerys

Henry Lee Mizer

Born: Aug 25, 1885
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Henry Lee Mizer  ·  Henderson Lowery  ·  Nora Call Mizer  ·  Tom Mizer  ·  Quentin Mizer  ·  Sarah Elizabeth Mizer  ·  James Leon Mizer