James Perry Mason & Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins-Mason Mason family photo
Paula Doyle-Bicket

James Perry Mason & Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins-Mason

James is the man on the car with the hat on. Wife Martha and daughter Pearl are also in the photo.
James Perry Mason was the son of Harrison and Martha Mason. He was born in Ducktown, TN around 1867. He died at the dining room table of a heart attack in 1929. He is buried in Hartford, Arkansas. James Perry married Martha Lou Ellen Hawkins, daughter of Jeptha Marion Hawkins and Angeline Brown-Hawkins.Married James Perry Mason and Martha were December 18, 1887 in Hamilton County, Tennessee. James and Martha had three sons and four daughter. Ed, Poley and Tom were their sons; daughters were, Nora, Pearl, Lillian "Jay" and Lucille. ... show more

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Photo taken at Hartford, Sebastian County, Arkansas on
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