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Automobiles and Classic Cars

From Karl Benz in 1885 to Elon Musk's Tesla, cars have always been a passion for some. See the evolution of car technology and the types of cars that caught our fancy in the past. Read more >>

In the 1880's, in an effort to invent an automobile that could be used every day - rather than just a fire pumper or a locomotive for special use - inventors tried steam, gasoline, or electricity as a means of power. We all know that gasoline, or sometimes diesel, eventually became the most common use of fuel. Now we are trying to use other types of fuel but the vintage cars that you find on these pages are mainly gasoline powered so you can find photos of gas stations in this collection as well.

Vintage cars can still be found on the road because many people still have a passion for them - and it's always a thrill when you see a well-restored old car driving by. From an early Mercedes-Benz to a model T to a Corvair, classic cars have varied sizes, shapes, and capabilities. Wealthy people mainly had cars before 1910 but when Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, every middle class home could afford a car due to the assembly line and mass production. The "automobile age" was born!

Did you know?

- Ford's widely available 1908 Model T is often misidentified as the first automobile. However, Karl Benz created the modern automobile many years earlier in 1886 with the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.

- The Model T was created before the Model A - the "T" or "tin lizzy" cost $825 in 1908, the equivalent of $21,123.52 today, and came only in black. But by 1916, the price had dropped to $360 - $8,616.37. The last model year of the Model T was 1927, when the Model A was introduced.

- The Smithsonian Museum has a car collection of about 80 automobiles. The museum began collecting cars in 1899.

- More VW Beetles have been made than any other car. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930's, the car went on sale in 1945 - production was delayed because of WW2. 21 million "Bugs" were made. << Read less
A photo of Thelma Strickland with friend Bonnie Ward in Roswell,Georgia circa 1944
People in this photo:
Thelma Odessa Strickland
Aug 29, 1924 - Apr 1, 2013
Roswell, GA, United States
A photo of Carl Axel Alfredson
People in this photo:
Carl Axel Alfredson
Jun 10, 1890 - Sep 16, 1940
Shared on Jan 14, 2016 by:
A photo of an unknown couple - 87 - Front
A photo of Arlene Gallagher
People in this photo:
Arlene Gallagher
Died: Nov 11, 2014
King, NC, United States
Shared on May 25, 2015 by:
A photo of Heather Agnes (Bell) Wilson
People in this photo:
Heather Agnes (Bell) Wilson
Oct 6, 1919 - Feb 3, 2005
Oxted, England, United Kingdom
A photo of Lockport, NY Locks and vintage vehicle: Written on the back of this photo say "FREDDY AND HIS NEW CAR 1933" John J. Rynkiewicz (JJRynk@hotmail.com)
A photo of Margaret Clara Pilcher and Maud Mary Pilcher
People in this photo:
Shared on Jan 25, 2015 by:
A photo of Orno Sloan
People in this photo:
Orno Raymond Sloan
Nov 21, 1891 - Oct 3, 1964
Caulfield, MO, United States
Mrs Hough in auto is the caption on this photo but you can see where the term horseless carriage comes from - this truly looks like a carriage where someone forgot the horse! There's no date on the photo (just a date range - 1905 through 1945) but it has to truly be on the very early end of this range. It's a lovely neighborhood and the streets are paved . . . nice life she has! Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Harris and Ewing.
People in this photo:
A photo of Steve and his beloved 1936/1937 Cord Card. It wasn't racing; it was an antique car show.
People in this photo:
Steve Soresso
Sep 7, 1927 - Nov 25, 1985
Maple Heights, OH, United States
A photo of Lewis G Silkman
People in this photo:
Lewis G Silkman
Born: around 1920
Iowa, United States
A photo of Harry Herbert Whitney
People in this photo:
Harry Herbert Whitney
Jun 21, 1917 - Feb 23, 2003
A photo of Harry Herbert Whitney
People in this photo:
Harry Herbert Whitney
Jun 21, 1917 - Feb 23, 2003
A photo of Fred Wittman in the 1940s
People in this photo:
A photo of Quintin D Labarinto
People in this photo:
Quintin DeLeon Labarinto
Sep 30, 1908 - Mar 30, 2005
National City, CA
A photo of John Boseak
People in this photo:
John Boseak
Nov 26, 1921 - Mar 30, 1974
A photo of Thomas and Mary Ashenden with their car. Found at a Texas antique store with other photos of the Ashenden family of Massachusetts. Written on the back "Uncle Tom Newby + Aunt Mary + their car". This photo was probably taken in England
People in this photo:
Thomas Comfort Ashenden
Born: Oct 6, 1838
Postcard found at an antique show. Handwriting on the back is addressed to Mr. Floyd Ball, 810 W. Pine St., Independence, Kansas. "Dear Brother, I will send you a picture we had taken the 22 of Oct. Is it very cold there now and do you go very much in your chair or is it to [sic] cold roll over and see me some day. Bye Bye now." Very annoying that none of the people IN the photo are named. They sure are proud of that nice car.
A photo of Frieda Berta (Enderwitz) Welz
People in this photo:
Frieda Berta (Enderwitz) Welz
Mar 22, 1905 - Mar 31, 1973
A photo of Edward Hurlbut
People in this photo:
Edward Hurlbut
Dec 19, 1929 - January 1987
Boulder Creek, California
A photo of Earl Edward Smith with an unidentified lady friend in 1923. Grandpa is being silly and wearing her hat.
People in this photo:
Earl Edward Smith
May 1, 1900 - May 22, 1982
Kingston, NY, USA
A photo of the Schulcz Family, Car and Dog - Taken at the Elias LÜBECK farm house in Sânnicolau Mare, Romania. In the background, the farmhouse backyard and garage door. The man sited on the cars doorstem is Ludovic Schulcz, standing behind him is his wife Ana (born Ehrenreich, the step doubter of Elias LÜBECK), in the passenger seat their daughter Lenka (Markovits by marriage), behind the wheel is Katrina Schulcz, Ludovic's sister. The family's dog is there too :)
People in this photo:
Dad's best and most favorite, a TR-3. After the arrival of child #3, it was sold. Helping daddy wash the car.
People in this photo:
Harley Earl Jeans
Apr 20, 1928 - Jan 20, 1977
A photo of Reb Cleveland Newkirk
People in this photo:
Reb Cleveland Newkirk
Nov 28, 1893 - Oct 24, 1962
A photo of Edward Lovelady Holmes
People in this photo:
Edward Lovelady Holmes
Born: 1834
Northcote, Australia
A photo of George Winston Rymer
People in this photo:
George Winston Rymer
May 8, 1895 - Dec 29, 1946
A photo of Henry Schwarting
People in this photo:
Henry Schwarting
Oct 27, 1893 - 1985
A photo of Francis E. " Dusty" Miller
People in this photo:
Francis E. Miller
Born: 1923
Long Branch, NJ, United States
A photo of Earl W Dearborn
People in this photo:
Earl W Dearborn
Aug 8, 1890 - Dec 7, 1969
A photo of Eldred Eugene Hughes
People in this photo:
Eldred Eugene Hughes
Jun 16, 1929 - Mar 6, 2001
Okahumpka, FL
A photo of Donna Mae (Morgan) Wolner
People in this photo:
Donna Mae (Morgan) Wolner
Aug 31, 1933 - Nov 15, 2016
Minneota, MN, United States
A photo of a touring car near Bellingham Washington. Believed to be the Cummings family.
A photo of wife Susan Caroline Blackburn - Foster to William T. Foster and daughter to Francis Eddings - Blackburn & Andrew Thomas Blackburn. S C Blackburn is also the Mother of Bedford Leon Foster and GGrandmother to Paul Leon Foster
People in this photo:
Susan Caroline (Blackburn) Foster
Sep 11, 1831 - Jan 22, 1920
A photo of J. D. Webster. Son of Joseph and Theodora Webster. He drove this car as a delivery driver for a drug store.
People in this photo:
A photo of an unknown man in a car.
A W Henson 2nd from left in front.
People in this photo:
Arthur William Henson
Born: Feb 17, 1875
A W Henson on right
People in this photo:
Arthur William Henson
Born: Feb 17, 1875
A photo of Joseph Quartucci
People in this photo:
Joseph Quartucci
1934 - Nov 10, 2009
Rockaway, NJ
A photo of Everett Frances Morgan
People in this photo:
Everett Francis Morgan
Apr 4, 1908 - Aug 1, 1959
Roseville, CA, United States
A photo of Victor James Augustson
People in this photo:
Victor James Augustson
Born: Jan 7, 1930
A photo of Jack Rounsevell (on the left) taken on holiday in the south of France in September 1939 before he rushed home following the declaration of WW2. On the right is Cyril Reid, his old school friend (they both attended Woodhouse School). More information and photos are available from Brian Reid reidbrianj@gmail.com
People in this photo:
Jack Rounsevell
December 1913 - Feb 12, 1958
Mentone, Vic, Australia
A photo of Francis E. " Dusty" Miller
People in this photo:
Francis E. Miller
Born: 1923
Long Branch, NJ, United States
A photo of Peter L. Kapor
People in this photo:
Peter L. Kapor
Oct 26, 1914 - July 1980
Hilmar, California
A photo of William J. Jordan standing next to his car. Date and place unknown.
People in this photo:
William J. Jordan
Born: 1877
A photo of Mum and by FB Holden at our home in O'Connell Street, Kogarah. 1960's.
A photo of Carl Auguste Dornburg
People in this photo:
A photo of Benedict Levinson on his new car.
People in this photo:
Benedict Levinson
Dec 18, 1891 - March 1969
Chicago, IL
A photo of two slick fellows with a nice car. From the family album, identity unknown.
A photo of Neal R. Haight, an unknown man, and John R. Hargis. Left is Neal, son of Arthur and Nancy (Hargis) Haight. In the center unknown. Right is John, son of Clyde and Rosie (Hargis) Hargis. 1928 - 1929
People in this photo:
Neal R. Haight
1910 - 1978
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