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This photograph was found in an antique shop in Maine in 1991. It reads on the blank in ink:Jane "Spach" James, mother of the James Brothers and sisters - Molly-Laura-Susie" Grandmother - Mabel, Lottie, Robah Howard - and in ) by each the name: Walker.
There was something written in pencil under the ink - looks like Walker is one of the names in pencil.Pencil has been erased.

Mystery: Please help identify; I am curious about this photograph. Can anyone identify this James family. I know Jesse James used the name Howard as an alias but Howard appears to be the name of a child here.
I hope you can help me identify.


Lois Birmingham I found this lady at [external link]
Jane was born in Forsythe Co, N.C., about 1836. Her father was Friedrich Spach, and her mother was Lucy Mass.
Jane was married to Frank James. They had 8 children, David, Samuel, Edward, Mary, Charles, Laura, Rufus, and Susie. You can look her up at Rootsweb in the World Connect section. She is listed by a lot of people!
Her grandparents listed were: Johannes Spach, born Nov. 1762, and Catherine Lang.
Jul 15, 2004 · Reply
Lena Criswell Lois, I do thank you so much for sending the information about the Mrs. James. I will look at the websites and hopefully have some of the descendants view the picture. Thank you again. Lena Stone Criswell
Jul 16, 2004 · Reply
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