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Charles Shelby Jarrell arranged and conducted an orchestra for his own radio program on WSB in the 30's. No TV then so it was very prestigious. WSB was only one of a few stations in Atlanta and by far the most powerful. It was geared toward "shut-ins" or people that couldn't go to church on Sunday although it was not a church service. He would take them to the "Little Church in the Wildwood" for music and messages. Then drop by the old wishing well for wishes for those in need. (There really was a wishing well). He met Opal Virginia Williams who was going to perform a song in a rehearsal and the rest is history.
The broadcast was done in the old Biltmore hotel and the old WSB radio towers still stand today on the hotel. The studio was on the top floor. Charles did weekend "big band" dances in the Biltmore ball room on Saturdays. Oddly enough it was named "The Jarrell Orchestra".

Charles is on the far right, behind the microphone.
at WSB Radio Station/Biltmore Hotel, Atlanta, GA USA


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