Jennie B. Purviance & Son Lincoln

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Jennie B. McMillen born November 1858, to Abram Wesley McMillen and Clarrisa V. (Clara) Eddy. Married 1st Nathan Maxson Purviance, April 13, 1889, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Married 2nd W. A. Walker, February 28, 1905, Perry County, Arkansas. Married 3rd Joseph L. McLaughlin, September 9, 1909, Perry County, Arkansas. She died September 02, 1938 Perryville, Perry County, Arkansas.

Lincoln Purviance born 1890 Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas to Nathan Maxson Purviance and Jennie B. McMillen. He died about 1893, Perryville, Perry County, Arkansas. His clothes accidently caught on fire near a burning pile of brush. Apparently everyone thought the clothes were fully extinguished, but they continued to smolder and started on fire again. Lincoln was severely burned. He died three days later. Lincoln was only three years old.

They are both buried in the Purviance Cemetery, at the top of Perry Mountain in Perryville, Perry County, Arkansas


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