Johann Schick Family, Minnesota 1915 Schick family photo
Barbara Day

Johann Schick Family, Minnesota 1915

Johann Schick Family in St. Martin, Minnesota in 1915: Johann Schick, born in Niederklein, Germany, came to the USA in the 1870's. He lived in St. Martin, Minnesota, and when his children grew to adulthood he moved to Mahnomen, Minnesota.

In this photo: Henry Schick, Johann Eberhardt Schick, Catherine Margaret (Roettger) Schick, Mary Lucy (Schick) Reich, Elisabeth Maria (Schick) Hinderscheit , John Edward Schick, and Bertha Margaret (Schick) Kirsch. ... show more

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Photo taken at St. Martin, Minnesota United States of America on
Johann Schick Family, Minnesota 1915

Henry Schick

Born: Jan 27, 1904
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Henry Schick at 11 years old  ·  Johann Eberhardt Schick at 55 years old  ·  Catherine Margaret (Roettger) Schick at 48 years old  ·  Mary Lucy (Schick) Reich at 9 years old  ·  Elisabeth Maria (Schick) Hinderscheit at 18 years old  ·  John Edward Schick at 20 years old  ·  Bertha Margaret (Schick) Kirsch at 15 years old