John & Elizabeth (Jaroschek) Scherfel  Scherfel family photo
Sue Scherfel-Dunlap

John & Elizabeth (Jaroschek) Scherfel

My grandma and pap were married in 1903 in Etna PA.

About Elizabeth (Jaroschek) Scherfel

Elizabeth's maiden name is Jaroschek. Her husband John was born July 4, 1875 and died in November 1918. They had 8 children. Irma, John, Mary, William, Emilie, Helen, Francis and Robert. ...more info

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Photo taken at Etna, Allegheny County, PA USA
John & Elizabeth (Jaroschek) Scherfel

Elizabeth (Jaroschek) Scherfel

Born: ca. Feb 28, 1881
Died: ca. Jan 15, 1968 (age 86)