John R & Elizabeth (Moore) Dann family Moore family photo
Marsha Adams

John R & Elizabeth (Moore) Dann family

John R & Elizabeth (Moore) Dann family: Alfred is on the right back, John R and Elizabeth sitting, I don't know the identities of the other young people but their children were Bert, Margery, Ray, Nida, Viola and Alfred.

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Thanks Barb, I knew you would know the whole story! And I had Alfred wrongly identified, gee. I will update my family tree maker with these new dates, thank you!
Apr 07, 2012 1:45 pm reply
Alfred Dann was my grandfather. Pictured left to right, front row: Viola Sarah "Vi" Dann 1889-1956, married Raymond Fenemore Vernon; John Rawlins Dann 1846-1927; Elizibeth "Lizzie" Moore Dann 1848-1929; and Ray John Dann 1891-1964. Back row: William Wilbert "Bert" (sometimes spelled Birt) Dann 1877-1916, never married; Margery Elizibeth "Madge" 1876-1915, married Fred C Jacobs; and Alfred Henry "Alf" Dann 1875-1935, married Ivy Blanche Hills.
From the ages of the children, we assume this picture was take in 1900-1901.
The earliest known ancestor, John Rawlins Dann's father William "Billy" Dann, migrated from Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland to London, Ontario, Canada in 1823. The John Rawlins Dann family migrated from London Township to Shiawassee County, Michigan in 1877.
Apr 07, 2012 1:14 pm reply
Photo taken at Shiawassee County USA on
John R & Elizabeth (Moore) Dann family

John Rawlins Dann

Born: Jul 21, 1846
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: John Rawlins Dann at 55 years old  ·  Elizabeth Moore at 52 years old  ·  Alfred Dann