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Joseph R Short, b 9/13/1835, d 8/20/1914. Son of James Short and wife Sarah Harding. Married 1/20/1859 Where: McFarland Rd, Green County, KY. See [external link] photo, remarks Frances E. Parrott [contact link]
at Joseph R. Short, Willowtown, Kentucky USA


Arland Benningfield Joseph Short g/son of Joseph Short & wife Elizabeth McCarrel. great/grandson of Joshua Short & wife Louella Faris. All of Pittsylvnia Co. Va. Joshua & Louella 5th generation g/parents
Arland W. Benningfield Jr.. See Excellent Book: An Early Virginia Family (SHORT) by Josephine S.Lynch, 1970. Book Location: National Headquarters of the Son of the American Revolution.
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Marilyn Miller was Joseph Short born Dec 11, 1779 died @ 1860, I have him in my tree married to a Elizabeth but did not have her last name, his dad was born @ 1752 is this the correct family. his dad was married twice 2nd marriage to Parentha Jones

this Will was written by Abraham Lincoln before he became a lawyer

Joshua and Parthena Short 1836 IL

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.: Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
It comes from page 51 of "The Collected
Works of Abraham Lincoln" by Basler, Pratt
and Dunlap pbu Rutgers University Press
1953 and is part of a 9 volume set long
out of print. The document is the Last Will
and Testament of one Joshua Short. It appears
in this book because the entire document is
in the hand of Abraham Lincoln with the
exception of a witness who signed his own
name. Mr. Lincoln was studying law at the
time he drew up the will, but was not licensed
to practice until seventeen days later on Sep 9,
1836. I am researching Lincoln for
a book when I encountered this and though a
Short family researcher might use it by Kate Lund
Here is the Will:

In the name of God: Amen

August 22, 1836

I, Joshua Short, of the county of Sangamon
and State of Illinois,being infirm in body
but of sound mind and memory do ordain and
establish the following as my last will and
testament revoking all others.

It is my will that all my debts, if any there
be, be immediately paid at my decease.

It is my will that all my property be disposed
of at my decease , as follows (viz)

It is my will that my dearly beloved wife
Parthena Short shall have and retain all
the property that she had at the time of
my marriage with her, or that she has since

It is further my will that , if she, my
said wife, shall, at my deceased, desire
to go [to] her relations, she shall be
conveyed thence at the expense of my estate.

It is my will that, after the above provisions
are carried into effect, all the remaining part
of my estate be equally divided between my
three sons, Joseph Short, John Short, and
William Short ,and my three daughters, Sarah
Bennett, Chloe Thomas, and Elizabeth Short,
and my grandson Allen Short , being the son
of my deceased son James Short.

It is my will that my son John Short, and
my son-in-law James Short be the executors
of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seal this twenty second day of
August, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and thirty six.

Attest: A. Lincoln (signature)
John Tillie (signature)
Josiah Cook (his mark)
Joshua Short (is mark and seal)
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