Josephus Shuff Johnson & Orpha Violindy Varner

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The Joseph and Josephus in the census records of Springfield or Springhill, Greene, Pennsylvania is this Josephus with his parents John and Permelia.

1850, JOHNSON, John, age 58, b PA, laborer; wife, Permelia, age 39, b. PA; sons, Milton, age 14, b. PA; Jair, age 6, b. PA and Joseph, age 3, b. PA.

1860 census: JOHNSON, JAHU, age 64, b. NC, he was a "chairmaker" (and I believe is a 2nd husband); wife, Permelia, age 47, b. PA; living with them, John M. (Milton?), age 23, b. PA and Susanna, age 20, b. PA (prob his wife); James W., age 17, b. PA (must be Jair); Josepha S (?could be G? on original?), age 13, b. PA and lastly, Jahu N., age 1, b. PA. Frank Bertan Johnson, 1895, not in picture.


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