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Bernt M. Johnson; Born in Norway 17 May 1849, his parents John and Kari Nielsen

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Unknown User commented on Dec 01, 2002
Benjamin Polk Johnson is my great-great grandfather. All I know about him is that he was born in the Louisville, KY area. He married a woman named Susan Howard. Of the several children they had I only know of my great-grandfather, William Asa Johnson. A few years after Susan's death he married a woman named Kaitman Row (Rowe)All the children born to Ben and Susan were born in the Louisville, KY are. Asa married a woman named Lucy Tarter and from this union came my grandmother, Una Bethel Johnson. She was the oldest of several children, born Nov 7, 1891. I only know of Grandma's sisters as Lottie, Colleen and her brother Pard. Sometime in the late 1800s or very early 1900s Asa moved to the Tulare/Fresno County area of California and, according to my mom, became known as Potato King Johnson. This is all the information I have. I have not been able to find any real information on the Johnson's of Kentucky. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Michelle Smith commented on Jul 10, 2022
Was your Mom born in Kentucky?
Lori Russell commented on Jul 16, 2022
Who's mom Michelle ?
Lori Russell commented on Sep 02
This Una bethel Johnson I believe was living in Michigan? I have that same name in my line.
Linda Curtis commented on Dec 01, 2002
i am looking for thomas johnson whom married elizabeth crawford
Diana Hohnson commented on Dec 01, 2002
My mother-in-law, Edna Thompson Johnson, from Saluda, N. C. gave me this recipe.

Take leftover homemade biscuits. Cut open, butter, and toast them. Layer in a pretty glass dish with sweetened, homemade applesauce, with sprinkles of cinnamon. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Serve cold with half and half, whipped cream, or ice cream.
Pamela Johnson commented on Mar 15, 2004

Josephus Johnson is on the 1880 Iowa City, Iowa census as a young, single man. He is listed with his brother, Jahu, and his mother, Vernelius. Also in the household is a housekeeper, Orpha Crippen and her two children, John M. and Mary M. Some census transcriptions show Orpha in an adjoining household, but if one looks at the actual census record, it is clear they are all in the same home.

I first recorded this census in my own notes about 25 years ago. It contained the only Josephus I could find in Iowa City, but it did not make sense. He was supposed to have been married at that time with two small children. His wife was a Varner, not a Crippen If he was indeed related to Governor Hiram W. Johnson of California as family tradition indicated, he would have been born in New England or New York. His ancestry would not head to Tennessee as this record indicated!

Sometimes it takes an awful long time for simple things to sink in! After 25 years of following false leads, I looked at the census record again. Thank goodness, the light finally dawned! Orpha Crippen, the housekeeper, was Orpha Violindy Varner and Josephus's future wife; they were not even married yet!

We knew that Orpha had been married before. We also knew that she had worked as a housekeeper for the Johnson family before marrying Josephus. However, the family did not know the name of her first husband, nor did they believe there had been any living children from the first marriage. For this reason, we assumed that Orpha and Josephus had married before the birth of "their" first child, Mary. This confused the search.

The 1880 census record indicated that her first husband was a Crippen and that her first two children - Mary and John - long accepted as full brothers and sisters by the rest of the siblings were probably also Crippens and adopted by Josephus at his union with Orpha.

What a bombshell! Why? Because my husband and those of two cousins, Cynthia Allington and Pauline Ellis, who were also involved in this research, were descendants of this John who may never have been a Johnson at all, but a Crippen!

Was my husband, Terry D. Johnson in reality Terry D. Crippen? This family had yielded surprises before. Some years ago, Cynthia first contacted me. She was a descendant of John Milton Johnson through an illegitimate line - one unknown to the Johnson family until her contact. This relationship came through a Crippen cousin and John Milton Johnson. I do think that this knowledge helped me look at the Crippen name on the census record of Josephus Johnson with new understanding.

Crippens were "family." Therefore, Orpha Crippen was "family."

A-h-h--h Orpha Crippen was Orpha Varner - The future Orpha Johnson.

Viola! Revelation! Double relationships! New knowledge!

When I was looking through Greene county Pennsylvania records for the surname, Varner, Crippen, and Wildman, I stumbled across Josephus once again in 1850. He is there with his father, John or Jahu; his mother, Permelia (who we think was a Wildman. She was also called Vernelius in 1880.); his brothers, Jair and Jahu and a married brother, John, with John's wife.

Additional information! Additional leads to follow!

I then almost immediately found a quaker Johnson family with records going back to New Jersey who had descendants living in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Their founding father was Robert Johnson, who came to American with William Penn.

I also almost immediately found another researcher on the genforum, Eddene Hightower Thompson, who was interested in Jair Johnson. She sent me information from the 1860 and 1870 census records of Greene County. She also sent me a family register of the Jair Johnson family.

Now I want to connect John or Jehu Johnson, father of Josephus, to the Quaker, Robert Johnson. I am certain that he is a descendant of this man. I need the connecting link. If you have any information, please contact me. Thank you.

Pamela C. Johnson
[contact link]
February, 2004

Lori Russell commented on Jun 19, 2021
I have that same same Oraph JOHNSON. in my line. Have not been able to figure this one out ??
Lori Russell commented on Nov 11, 2021
My mom is Pamela C Thompson
Lori Russell commented on Jun 26, 2022
Yes I have them people in my line. Oprah Johnson. Or Crippen. I can not tell this family a part. My mom is a Johnson. That I'm sure of. But she was adopted at 4 months old. To the Thompsons. This John Thompson is some how connected to this line.
Lori Russell commented on Jul 16, 2022
I seen that John Milton Johnson in my line ?
Lori Russell commented on Feb 17
My Oprah Johnson cripton is from Michigan in the Muskegon areas . She is with this jeh or Johnson family. I have this same lady in my line. She was a Johnson. Adopted to Thompson. There is a Robert Johnson. George W Thompson, William E Thompson. Charles Thompson, . I believe all the people you mentioned are Thompson. I have this same person. All my Thompson is from Ionia Montcalm area !!
Holly Banks commented on May 18, 2004
Robert Lee Johnson was born October 2, 1895 in Clinchport, Virgina to Dock J. Johnson and Elizabeth Hensley, a woman believed to have been married to Dock, although no documentation has been found. Robert was the middle child with 2 sisters. Family oral history relates that Robert may have had a brother, Charlie.

Growing up in the hills of Scott County, Virginia provided little opportunity for economic advancement. With little education, Robert found working in the coal mines his only means of livlihood.

Robert married Eura Estelle Sproles June 2, 1917 in Wise County, Virginia. Together they had seven children and growing up poor was a way of life. As related by Robert's son, Donnie, "My dad was not a nice man and liked to tell stories." "I don't remember anything good about him and I hardly ever saw him." "I only remember him beating my mother and moving another woman into our house and having a baby with her at the same time my mother was having a baby."

Robert spent much of his time away from home working in the coal mines and binge drinking on the weekends. Much of the money made was drank away in moonshine. He managed to afford a brand new car and a gun collection. His family was left to fend for themselves and often went hungry.

The crime is said to have happened in Clintwood about 1936. Robert, while out with a couple of drinking buddies was assisted into the back seat of his new car. He was about to be driven home in a drunken state. Reaching for his favorite gun he kept under the driver's seat, it went off and shot and killed the passenger. He was struck through the seat and into the back killing him instantly.

It is said to have been an accident while under the influence. Another story relates that possibly Robert, while lying in his back seat about to be driven home, thought his new car was about to be stolen when coming to. Reaching for his gun, shot his passenger, killing him instantly. Whichever story is correct, Robert was sentenced to what was then known as "The Virginia State Farm", in Richmond, Virginia, for a term of ten years.

While serving his time, Robert became ill. It is believed that he suffered from stomach cancer from all the rot gut whiskey he drank. It is said that he was released early due to his illness. Eura was at his side when he died one day after his fiftieth birthday. Robert left a wife and six children along with possibly two or more illegitamate children.

Robert Lee Johnson is buried in Holston View Cemetery, Webber City, Scott County, Virginia and is next to his father, Dock J. Johnson with wife, Myrtle.

I must follow up for particulars and research Clintwood newspapers and court proceedings to find evidence of this crime. I would also like to research "The Virginia State Farm", and possibly prison records. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By Holly Banks, granddaughter to Robert Lee Johnson
Lori Russell commented on Oct 15, 2021
I do have a Charlie Johnson living in Ionia Michigan. I am hearing of a Robert Too. But some of these people are ify. But my Thompsons are in Fenwick Michigan.
Lori Russell commented on Jul 17, 2022
I have that same Sproles lady in my line.
Cathy Hokanson commented on Jan 19, 2006
Ed Johnson was my grandfather. He was a United Methodist Minister. Before that he was a Penticostal Minister and before that he was a Salvation Army Preacher. He was so adamant about preaching, he would go anywhere to spread the Word. His first wife - the mother of my father and all of his siblings died at an early age. My father was the oldest of 7 children. There were 3 small children still at home. My grandfather being a Minister, remarried in hopes of getting help raising the children. Instead, he found a widow with 3 children of her own and decided from the beginning that her children came first in all matters. Granddad's children rebelled and went to live with my parents. They grew up and married and in some cases (mostly due to the war) they came back with their families to live with us again. So our house was always overflowing with children.
I have been researching the Johnson line from Kentucky. Counties - Floyd, Morgan, Cumberland, Russell and Wayne. The oldest Johnson I have found is John Johnson born about 1819-20 in Floyd Co. He married Almena Elliott in Morgan Co., 2 April 1840. I have information on all their children but would really like some help finding his siblings and ancestry. Be happy to share what I have.
Lori Russell commented on Jun 19, 2021
I have a John Johnson too. Someone was a preacher in my line ? They left my mom a Bible. Teaching school Bible
David Shawna commented on Oct 16, 2021
My Uncle is John Johnson
Lori Russell commented on Jun 19, 2021
My mom is a Johnson. Adopted at birth. To Thompson. My Thompson are in Fenwick Michigan. Charles James, Robert, Myrtle, Iva. Ferris, Dorothea. Along with a Olive A Thompson. Clear lake cemetery.
Lori Russell commented on Sep 02
I have a Edward H Thompson living in Lowell Michigan. He has a brother Perry Thompson, charlie J Thompson. George W Thompson.
Douglas Johnson commented on Nov 18, 2006

1 ¾ cup flour 1 tsp soda 1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp salt ½ tsp nutmeg ¼ tsp ginger
¼ tsp cloves ½ cup margarine 1 cup sugar
2 eggs 1 cup pumpkin 1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup walnuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a mixing bowl mix together the flour, soda, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves, now set this aside.

In a large mixing bowl cream together the butter, sugar, and the eggs. Add the pumpkin and gradually mix in the dry ingredients. Mix well, now add the chocolate chips and walnuts.

Grease two loaf pans and pour one half of the batter into each pan. Bake in the oven for 50 to 55 minutes.
Lori Russell commented on Oct 05, 2021
Ok Doug Johnson, I have a Doug and Phyllis Smith popping up with my line. But he is a Doug Johnson. Any relationship?
Lori Russell commented on Feb 28, 2022
Who is Phyllis Smith?? Researching my mom's biological family .
Patricia Houze commented on Nov 25, 2009
wonderful memories of picking berries with my 2 older sister,I was maybe 6 , Di was 10 and Tee was 12.Mom alway's said don't come back until our baskets were full, with her promising to make us some blackberry turnovers ,and of course a pie for after dinner. The search for the berries through the sticker bushes and all the thorns was job in itself ,as though they were protecting themselves from being picked.We would be gone for hour's ,though it really did't take that long ,what it was, as we picked we ate so our baskets took awhile to get full.As always big sis said we better be getting on home because it was nearing 3o'clock and Dad was coming home work , mom would always ask why were we so long and it was evident that we had been eating and a picking, because beside our fingers being blackish red from the berries so were our lips .That was a WONDERFUL DAY
GerryAnn Marty commented on Apr 09, 2010
Is there anyone out there that can help me with finding any information on
my family? Thanks to a couple of you: I have a copy of James Francis Johnson's death certificate and a copy of a census here in Utah. I can't find any
information on his parents or when his father arrived here in the USA. I know he didn't just fall from the sky! I have family that says he served and rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. But they don't know what years he served. My gr- grandmother received a pension when he passed. He was a tailor at Fort Douglas,Utah..
Thank you,
Name: James Francis Johnson

Date of birth: March 19,1871-72

Place:, New York

Date of death: December 16,1927

Place of death: Salt Lake City, Utah

Father:James Johnson

Place of birth: Ireland

Date of birth: ?

Mother:Margaret Hassen

Place of birth: New York

Date of birth: ?

Spouse: Viola Delta Moore

Date of birth: December 18,1880

Place of birth: Seven Mile, Ohio

Married: 1902 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Date of death:August 17,1961

Place of death: California
HarryDevon Johnson commented on May 13, 2012
Changing The city name of Dayton Ohio:

Harry Devon Johnson Is writing this for the brief proposal to change the name of the City Of Dayton Ohio, to the city of Devon Ohio - Also To change the park in High-view hills, called Highview Hills Park in Dayton Ohio To Regardless Park.

This Notice also makes it to Dayton Ohio Commissioners. And other high Dayton Figures.

Also In proposal Belief is - HDJ Elementary School - and HDJ High School Also HDJ Career College: Which would be in Dayton Ohio.

(Harry Devon Johnson)

This Press Release is to let the public Know, in this press release and online about these belief of changes:

The city Name Is In Jonathan Dayton's name who didn't live in Dayton Ohio and never stepped foot on the land according to Wikipedia:
- Harry Devon Johnson stated that the city would be better off in His name, because he lived there and accomplished things that Jonathan Dayton has.

He also feel's that it's because of the positive changes, he will em-burst over the city population. And also deals with what he has accomplished in his life.

He wants to make Street Maintenance better - Crime Maintenance better -School Maintenance better. And Structural Maintenance better.

Harry Devon Johnson want's to have Super Arcades Built In downtown Dayton - Harry Devon Johnson Fills that there, need's to be more attractions, for more people to be willing to travel to Dayton Ohio.

This Is Brief Bio:Of Harry Devon Johnson

Harry Devon Johnson is 28 years old, his birth day is 7-9-1983. He was born at Miami Valley Hospital In Dayton Ohio. Harry Devon Johnson, grew up in Trotwood Ohio Suburbs; Summit Square Apartment. Where He went to school @ Olive Hill Elementary : Trotwood Madison School District;Where he first learned his shapes and colors and basic mathematics.

He also Lived in Highview hills where Mayor Rhine McLin, who took office in January of 2002, lived with her family when she was a girl in a McArthur Avenue house at Highview's border. The 53-year-old graduated from Highview Elementary School. According To a Dayton Daily news paper Highview hill's story.

Brief History Of Dayton:

Dayton is situated with-in the Miami Valley region of Ohio just north of the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Metropolitan area. People who have lived in Dayton Ohio, created the first Airplane, also created the first electronic car switch. And have created major hot songs;in the past.

The city was incorporated in 1805 and was named after Jonathan Dayton, who owned the land. Nancy Cartwright is from Dayton Ohio: she plays the voice of Bart Simpson on the cartoon show called the Simpson's. Which was one of Harry Devon's favorite shows,growing up.

The year Of February 25, 2008 - Harry Devon Johnson;Birth Name - accomplished Publishing A book Of Poetry with Publish America. This Book called Reading Virginity 1.1 was Published that year.

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After publishing multiple books with Poetry Anthology's,from starting the year 1998 to this year 2012. One Of these Anthology companies known as International Society Of Poets:

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The year of 2011 Publish America (May 2, 2011) Allowed Regardless Devon Victory: Pen name Of Harry Devon Johnson - to Publish an autobiography about his life.

Three years after the first publishing The book was called The Bridge Of Destruction And Terror - A Reflection Of A Human In The World.This book goes into the authors life, more on his feelings about life,than what he went threw. Though It displays some ways he lived and feels.

Publish America wrote him asking him to publish The book about his life. He was plotting on writing another book with them in-between time;though they preferred a biography - I was Happy with the decision - and They had no hate values,between them on which way the second book was released. The ISBN To This book is: 145600736X.

The year of 2003 Harry Devon Johnson was claimed, Honorary - Co - Chairman Of the USA President Dinner. He was head over a census sent to 55,000,000 citizens;threw out the whole world.

Which gave him the written right from; The Republican National committee and the USA House Of representatives to be a member of the USA House Of Representatives. ( They wrote this to Harry And It's true.)

The Links Is the Remarks From The president dinner, that Harry Devon Johnson Served Honorary-co-chairman for. The remarks are in written,video and audio form.

Brief Bio: Harry Devon Johnson went to Ruskin Elementary,Magnet school in Dayton Ohio where he studied Japanese.

He Also went to Stiver's middle school where he took dance class's and went to school with Ericka Neal - Idotha Bootsie Neal's daughter : which was Dayton Ohio, City commissionaire and with Celebrity Toccara Jones - "who" both girls attended school and had a popular aspect. That's How Harry Devon Johnson remembered them by their name popularity.
Colleen Blackburn commented on Jan 22, 2014
My g grandpa was William derby Johnson and my grandpa was Abia Ezekiel. My mother is Lela.
Doris Seleyman commented on Aug 14, 2014
I am looking for info on the Johnson's of Southwest Virginia. My great grandfather was James Johnson who married Annie Sturgill. Please email me
Ralph Johnson commented on Aug 16, 2014
e mail me at [contact link] with your e address
Vickie Rankin commented on Sep 18, 2014
Anyone here from the tree of Tazewell Veller Johnson?
Robbie McCully commented on Nov 12, 2014
The husband died 3 mo ths before tje baby was born. After Sarahann Sylvanis Day was born, she was kidnapped by the paternal Grandmotber and raised as white and Given the name Susie. She married Nathan Johnson, had 6 children and died at 35 in childbirth. One of her children was my Grandfather Howard Jerome Johnson. My mother (Norma Jean Johnson) was the 3rd child of Howard and Gertrude (Dolan) Johnson. I (Robbie Jean McCully) am the 3rd child of Norma and Robert Allen
Stacey Wood commented on Nov 26, 2014
I am looking for any info on Johnsons of Massachusetts. My Mother is very vague in her memories of my Father and his Family. Fathers name is Kenneth Allen Johnson, his Family was in the area of Worcester during the late 60s, he has brothers. My brother was born in Mass in 69. My Father was married prior to my Mother and had a Daugher with his first wife. Fathers bday is around March 1941 or so, he also lived in Southern California where he divorced 1st wife and met my Mother. They were married in Vegas late 60s. Any help would be appreciated. I have no paperwork nor photos of even my Father.
Tonya Williams commented on Dec 07, 2014
This is a picture I was given many years ago and was said to be my grandfather. My mother was born in 1930, and was named Anna Pearl Johnson. Her mother's name was Myrtle, she went by Mert. She was never married to Mr. Johnson. I would love hearing from someone who might have some information. Thanks !!
Alexandra Drenth commented on Mar 19, 2015
I have pictures of Michael Joseph Clemens Johnson and from his father and mother, Digna T. Samson Johnson and Joseph K. Johnson. Has the family interest in these photos?
Sandi Ratliff commented on Mar 21, 2015
I have only one Michael Johnson in my family tree that that is one born 1675 and married Sarah Ford. If this is the same person then I would love the pictures.
Juanita Norris commented on Mar 21, 2015
Yes, I would be very interested in these photos. The Johnson's are my mothers side of the family. Please contact me. Thank You Juanita.
Edith Canoe commented on Apr 15, 2015
my grandfather was willie d. Johnson of Oklahoma born 12/29/1916 . seeking any information or pitcures of family memebers to him. he married edith jean daniels of libuse Louisiana. they had three children, joyce marie, willie jean , and james lee. any help is grateful my address is 915 racetrack rd Bentley la 71407 or text to 318-541-1654
Roger Bucht commented on Dec 13, 2020
I am looking for relatives to Johan Herman Johnson (Alanentalo) (born 1875) who emigrated from Sweden with his wife Lydia Teresia (born Vuopio) a daughter Meimi Teresia (or Naima Teresia) and possibly also a son named Valfrid. The family lived in Atlantic Mine, Michigan, USA. Lydia Teresia died 1911 and is buried at Atlantic Mine Cemetery . This is all I have found. Herman is my grandmothers brother who also emigated to USA (Houghton, Michigan) but returned to Sweden after a few years. Any help to find more about Herman or his descendants would be great.

Yes! I have found Herman but not his daughter Meimi Teresia. So now I would like to find her, she grew up either in Atlantic Mine or in Southfield, Houghton, Michigan, greatful for every hint where to look
Lori Russell commented on Oct 07, 2021
Douglas Johnson, can you please tell me more about this photo? Please....that girl sitting down in the front with glasses on..That is my mom. I have a Phyliss Smith and Douglas Johnson. That keep on popping up with my line. I know they are related to my mom some how ?? Please..
Lori Russell commented on Oct 07, 2021
Did you Marry my mom ??
Daniel Pettersson commented on Jun 28, 2022
What of Delwin Johnson and family in Holdridge, NE
JoAn Groff commented on Jul 01, 2022
My family is from Pennsylvania, Johnson family from Georgetown in Lancaster County. Any info would be appreciated.
Lori Russell commented on Jul 09, 2022
My mother was born Pamela Claire Johnson. 4/9/46
Adopted to the Thompson family. At 4 months old.
Lori Russell commented on Aug 12
I'm looking for a baby girl Johnson. Born in 1946. Maybe? Adopted out at 4 months old. A Thompson family adopted her. They lived in Michigan.
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