Julia Ann (Bridges) & James Wilbur Stokes

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Julia & James Stokes: Thought to be a picture taken about the time of their marriage, 1877. Julia Ann Bridges married James Wilbur Stokes Aug. 05, 1877.
James Wilbur Stokes was a Texas Ranger when he was 16 years old, while in the Rangers it is indicated that he wrote a song, titled Texas Ranger, it was written in 1873. It is sung now by Michael Martin Murphy. In Sept. of 1876 he joined the U.S. Army under the name James McMahon. {Believed to be because of his age} He signed up for the 7th Calvary after the Little Bighorn and spent the winter of 1876 with the Army looking for Sitting Bull. In March of 1878 he was given a medical discharge.
in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois USA


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